Does Sculptra for the butt work? And how long will it last?

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Does Sculptra butt injections work?

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It certainly does. It can increase volume in the buttocks by stimulating collagen. It requires up to 20 vials, with some docs actually injecting 40 vials. I typically like to inject about 4 vials and then more at about every 4-6 weeks. The best candidates are ones that have no fat to harvest, don't want the downtime of surgery, or want mild improvements. Collagen created lasts up to 7 years so the correction should last several years. There is essentially no downtime with this procedure vs surgery where most surgeons don't even recommend sitting after fat grafts for about a month.

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Sculptra Butt Lift

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Thank you for your question. We have been seeing an increasing demand for the Sculptra Butt Lift in our office. As with any aesthetic treatment, it is important to see if a patient is an appropriate candidate for this procedure. If the flanks are bulging over the waist line, they are much better doing a fat transfer procedure (BBL). For the person who does not have enough fat to transfer or cannot take the time off for a surgical procedure, the Sculptra Butt Lift is a good option. We have transferred from 10 to 40+ vials over  a series of 2 or 3 injections with excellent results. It is generally felt the Sculptra Butt Lift will last 2 or more years and additional vials can be injected at any time to maintain or enhance the results further. The advantages to using Sculptra are that it improves the quality of the skin while augmenting volumes and there is often an improvement in cellulite. The disadvantages are cost and a lack of sculpting the areas adjacent to the buttocks that can improve the contours. I hope this was helpful - Dr. Moore.

Can Sculptra be used for my Butt Augmentation?

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This is a great question as butt augmentation has become one of the most popular procedures in America.  Patients have several options, the most common being a Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer to the buttock).  Some of my thin patients will have an augmentation with butt implants or a combination of butt implants and fat transfer.  The procedures have given patients incredible results that have not only enhanced their butt, it transforms them from square to an hourglass figure. 

However, there are patients that are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure or are looking for in-office procedures that have minimal downtime for their butt enhancement.  Sculptra is a great option for patients that want a butt or hip augmentation with minimal to no downtime.

The Sculptra can be used for an initial butt or hip augmentation or to enhance the appearance of a butt augmentation that a patient has had previously.  The Sculptra works by stimulating the body to create its own collagen.  The Sculptra can be injected evenly though out the butt or hip area to give a natural and soft augmentation to the area. 

Sculptra is not a replacement for a Brazilian Butt Lift or butt implant enhancement, however it is a great alternative for patients wanting to improve their current butt augmentation or wanting to enhance their buttock without surgery and minimal downtime.  I explain to patient that this is similar to facial rejuvenation.  Fillers are not a replacement for a facelift, however they do help a tremendous number of patients and often put off the need for surgery for years.  It also allows your plastic surgeon to do some fine tuning of your butt after your BBL or implant surgery. 

The amount of Sculptra that is needed for the butt enhancement is dependent on the areas being treated, however it is more vials than is typically used in facial rejuvenation.  Several vials of Sculptra are injected into the buttock or hip area in the initial treatment. It takes six weeks to two months to see the full results of the Sculptra treatment.  Most patients will need two or three treatments to achieve their desired results. 

The good news is that Sculptra lasts longer then a lot of the fillers on the market.  The typical patient will get around a year and half from each treatment.  Also, Sculptra is different in that it stimulates the body to create its own collagen and thus give patients a very natural and smooth appearance to their butt. 

Please consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in butt augmentation to discuss if you are a good candidate for Sculptra injections to enhance your buttock.  He will be able to discuss the advantages between Sculptra, Brazilian Butt Lift and Butt Implant surgery.  

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Sculptra Butt Lift - Does it really work?

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Sculpra Butt LIft gives predictable long lasting results

Mechanism of action:  Once sculptra is injected into the buttocks, the PLLA moleculres go to work to produce new collagen which just like in the face, increases volume.  I use a cannula for the injections so there is minimal discomfort and no bruising post procedure.  Much larger quantities, 10 vials at a time, have to be injected vs. the face usually only 1 to 2 vials at a time.  Two treamtents are required. This is a great alternative to someone who doesnt want downtime of surgical BBL, i.e. Kim Kardashian, or doesnt have sufficient donor fat for traditional BBL.

Duration of results:  I have found that just like on the face, results will last 2 plus years.  It is beneficial to do a touch up treatment every 24 months.

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Sculptra® can offer a subtle boost of volume while helping to improve dimpled texture.

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Sculptra® is a great option for those looking for a subtle boost of volume, some modest contouring and an improvement in the appearance of dimpled skin texture due to cellulite. While it won’t provide the same dramatic results as a butt lift through fat transfer or implants, it can offer a nice alternative to a more in depth procedure. Most people require a series of injections, scheduled approximately 3 weeks apart, to see the results they want from a Sculptra® butt lift. Results can last up to 2 years.

Does Sculptra for the butt work? And how long will it last?

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Sculptra can be used for a butt lift, but any notable size increase would require several vials of Sculptra. Regarding how long it would last, it is advertised to last about two years. One point in favor of Sculptra is the ease with which it can be done and the fact that they would be no recovery time required.

Sculptra works by stimulating your production of collagen, therefore, increasing the volume. It generally takes 3 to 6 weeks to notice the increase, and it continues to increase collagen production for several months.

Sculptra is also effective at diminishing cellulite.

Thank you for your interesting question, and best of luck to you.

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