Will breast play during sex be pleasurable again after BA? (photo)

Before my BA, my favorite part of sex was for my husband to rub, kiss and suck my nipples and breasts during foreplay. 18 days ago I had BA surgery with 400cc high profile placed over the muscle with crease incision. I have had sex with my husband twice since. I asked him to very gently rub, kiss my breasts and suck my nipples during foreplay. I have feeling in both breasts and nipples but it doesn't feel the same. I'm worried because it just doesn't feel as good. Will this improve?

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Nipple sensation after breast augmentation

What you are experiencing is very common.  Stretched nerves don't function well for a few months until they recover.  The fatty sheath (insulation) gets damaged and needs to be repaired.  If you take good quality supplements such as fish oil (or krill oil), alpha-lipoic acid, and CoQ10, you will likely heal faster.

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Implants and sensation

It is likely that sensory issues will return to normal as the swelling comes down. It can take 3-4 months for the breasts to settle and for the majority of the swelling to subside. Good luck.

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Nipple sensation post breast augmentation

Thanks for your question and photo.  If you have feeling at this point that is good. Sometimes nipple sensation is lost and will not come back. Most patients at your stage will have sensory changes because the nerve to the nipple is being stretched. In fact may patients have hypersensitive nipples for about 12 weeks post op. As the stretched nerve  relaxes sensation usually will improve and in most cases return to normal. It is not a guarantee, but it is likely.

Best wishes.

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Sex after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Typical sensory changes after breast include initial decreased sensation progressing to hypersensitivity as the nerves wake up, and then to normal sensation.  If there are any other signs for concern, please talk with your surgeon.

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Change in sensation after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Change in nipple sensation is common after breast augmentation. The nerves become stretched after placement of the implant and loss of sensation can happen to varying degrees. This usually resolves within six months but permanent changes in sensation are possible. Best of luck with your recovery and I hope you recover full sensation. As always you should contact your surgeon with any possible complications related to your breast augmentation.

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Sensation after a breast augmentation

Immediately after surgery  it is common to have numbness. Typically it will improve but not always. Some patients go through a transition phase where they become hypersensitive after the numbness. I have had good success having patients take 200 mg of vitamin B6 daily.  I would ask your plastic surgeon if this would be OK. Good luck. 

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Breast augmentation

You are too early to tell what you will finally end up with. It is possible that you will have your sensation back, but it is also possible that you will have disappointing changes and that this could be permanent. 

I recommend that you wait at least 6 months before comparing the sensation before and after. Speak to your surgeon.

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Breast augmentation recovery

Thank you for sharing your photos. It isn't  enough time to value your esthetic and sensibility results. You need to wait a little bit longer and follow your plastic surgeon instructions. This type of situations usually get better with time.

I hope my answer will help you to your question.

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photograph.

You are very early on in your recovery and these are normal experiences as the skin, muscles and tissue stretch to accommodate your implants and sensory nerves heal. It could take 3-6 months for all your nerves to heal and sensation to return back to normal. I would recommend discussing this with your plastic surgeon so they are aware of your concerns. Best of luck in your recovery.
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Will breast play during sex be pleasurable again after BA?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your surgery!  After an augmentation the nerves of the skin are stretched as a result of swelling and the increased volume of the implants.  This stretching can irritate the nerves which can cause a number of different nipple and breast skin sensations including increased/decreased sensitivity.  This normally resolves spontaneously given enough time.  Hang in there and be sure to mention these issues to your surgeon during your post-operative appointments. 

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