Nipples and size shape? (Photos)

Im 7 months now since my BA, i feel that my left side is very unattractive. Please help me doctors PLEASE!!!! WHAT DO I DO?

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Asymmetry and post op results

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Hello and thanks for your question.

It's difficult to say exactly what the shape and nipple positions are doing post operatively.  From your photo, it looks like the implants are reasonably symmetric, but you have some breast and nipple asymmetry, which may have been present before, but exacerbated by the increased volume.  

I recommend that you ask your PS about their opinion, express your concerns, and have them carefully review your preoperative photos.  If your nipples are at different positions, it will be difficult to keep the implants symmetric.  
Typically, I aim to center the implants on the nipples in most cases of mild asymmetry.  We are naturally drawn to look at the nipples as landmarks on the breasts and the curvature of the breast looks best when the nipple is at the most projecting portion of the breast mound.  However, if you have significant asymmetry, you may need a procedure such as a small lift or areolar contouring to make things match better.

Hope that helps and good luck,

Christopher C. Chang, MD 

Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Breast and nipple asymmetry

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There is always some degree of asymmetry before breast augmentation surgery and there will always be some after surgery.  Hopefully your surgeon pointed out your asymmetry before the surgery and gave you some options to address this.  It is hard to tell from only the one picture that you submitted but you may benefit from a lift on your left side to help make the nipple position more even.  

I recommend you discuss this with your surgeon, assuming they are a board-certified plastic surgeon or seek a second opinion.

Discuss with surgeon

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It’s obvious that the position of your nipples are quite different. Did you have this asymmetry before your surgery? You should definitely talk to your surgeon about this. They can tell you what can be done to correct this issue. It will probably require corrective surgery.

Question about nipple size and shape after #breastaugmentation #plasticsurgery

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Thank you for your excellent question and photo.  Without the benefit of an in person exam and your pre operative photos it's nearly impossible to say. I agree completely with many of my colleagues in this forum in that many women start with nipple asymmetry and a breast augmentation alone will not correct that issue, what it will do often times however is make the issue more augmented and more noticeable.  You would do well to discuss your questions directly with your board certified plastic surgeon. I hope this is helpful and wish you all the very best.  Brian S. Coan, MD, FACS

Nipple Position and size shape?

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Aloha and sorry you seem to be disappointed with your results.

It's common for there to be some unevenness in Nipple position prior to augmentation, but you didn't include pre-op photos for comparison. Many women don't notice this until after; though I always try to point this out at the initial consultation. It may be more noticeable after surgery and implants alone will not usually help.

You probably should  return to your PS to consider a small lift &/or seek a second opinion from an experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon for an in-depth consultation to review your options.

Mahalo and best wishes,

Dr D

Post better pictures

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In order to even attempt to answer your question, your before and after pictures looking at the profile , 3/4 and frontal views, as well as preop breast measurements will help point out any differences that was there before surgery to determine what can be done to help you meet your aesthetic goals at this time.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Post Op

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This is very hard to tell without seeing some before pictures. What a lot of people do not realize before surgery is the asymmetry of their nipple position. Before surgery patients never notice one nipple being higher or lower than the other, after surgery you tell because you are looking at your breast harder than you ever did before. From looking at your picture it looks like your left breast looks more stretched out than your right breast. Check your before pictures and see what your breasts looked like, then compare. Good luck!

Possible Effects on the Areola

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Incision on the Areola (peri-areolar) – A full circle incision made along the border of the areola. Heals very well. May be associated with an increased likelihood of inability to successfully breast-feed, as compared to the other incision sites and has an increased risk of capsular contracture (hardening of implant). This incision option is ideal for saline implant placement.  Saline implants require a smaller incision because they are not filled until they are inside the body

If this is the incision that you had then there is always a chance that there could be a longer amount of time for your nipple to heal after surgery. You should never hesitate to visit your plastic surgeon for a follow-up if you find yourself concerned at all about the healing of your incisions and scars.

Nipple position

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I would recommend a consultation with your surgeon.  It would appear from the photos you submitted that a mastopexy or lift on your left side would provide improved symmetry. 

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