Stubborn Thread Veins on Nose

; Have Tried Nd:YAG Fotona XP Laser, and Veinwave (VW)  I had conspicuous spider veins on my ear removed, and at the same time had the specialist remove a thread vein on the side of my nose with the laser. Results on my ear were great, but treatment of nose caused atrophic scarring, as well as more thread veins. Few months later I had VW that worked well (to correct side effects of laser, but didn't last long; no scarring). Went to another VW MD, and it left small scarring on nose. Permanent scarring? I thought VW was permanent? Is PDL better? Thx

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Vein Treatment

The Candela VBeam is very good, as is the 532 KTP, and IPL provided your skin can tolerate it. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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Treatment of stubborn veins on the nose isn't cure

Greetings anonok~

Unfortunately, regardless of the method of treatment (PDL, YAG, VeinWave, IPL, KTP) you choose for the small veins on the nose it is treatment and NOT cure. Any of these treatments also risk side effects like scarring.  The vessels will come back...sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.  Most patients can expect to have maintenance treatment every 6 months or so.  It's a stubborn area for certain.  


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Dr. Grant Stevens     

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Thread veins on the nose

I agree that this is a very vascular area and no matter what technique is used, realistic expectations should be given to the patient at the outset of treament, reminding them they are likely to recur and very likely that they will need multiple treatments, whether it is laser, IPL or very very rarely, sclerotherapy. It is rather painful area to inject on the nares. 

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Nose veins

veinwave usually works. sometimes it does take a few treatments if red veins are really large. sometimes increase in strength is needed but this could scar.


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