Will Butt Implants Make Stretch Marks Worse?

i love me and i love showing me off, but i have strech marks and i really hate it... it makes me feel so ashamed because i am petite... but i really want butt implants... somebody help me please!!!!

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Butt implants and stretch marks

Butt implants can be performed successfully for butt augmentation in certain patients. If you have stretch marks, the Butt implants should stretch out the skin and make stretch marks less noticeable. It is unlikely that the butt implants will make the stretch marks worse. However, this is not a simple surgery and patients can develop significant problems if not done correctly. Your best bet is to work with a plastic surgeon who is board certified and has great deal of experience with butt augmentation and using implants.

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Buttocks augmentation does not cause stretch marks

Butt implants or any procedure that fills your skin will likely make your stretch marks a little better. Usually, stretch marks look much more obvious when your skin is loose. When it is tightened or "filled" they usually look better. Butt implants, just like breast implants usually do not cause stretch marks.

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
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Butt implants and stretch marks

Usually Butt implants do not cause stretch marks. By stretching the skin of the butt with implants, the stretch marks may become slightly less noticable.

But like breast implants, every once in awhile the stretch marks may get worse

Samir Shureih, MD
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