Are Butt Implants Safe After Having Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift (Fat Grafting) but now I want Butt implants. Is that safe?

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Safety of Butt Implants after Brazillian Butt Lift

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I have recently placed butt implants in a woman who previously underwent a Brazilian But Lift.  Implants were needed as she did not have enough fat to place into the buttock.  She did great and is very happy.  That said if there is sufficient fat to re-graft, that would be my preference.

Edina Plastic Surgeon

Butt Implants after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Buttock Implants can safely be placed after BBL. The best position to place the buttock implant is in the subfascial position.  Your board certified plastic surgeon can explain the different placement positions for buttock implants.

Butt implants after a Brazilian Butt lift

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Today, there are many good options for butt augmentation. A Brazilian Butt lift may be performed by performing liposuction throughout the abdomen and trunk and then collecting and cleaning this fat and then transplanting it into the buttock region. If enough fat is used, this can create a beautiful result. At this stage, you have several options. If you have enough fat in your torso, it is possible to repeat a Brazilian Butt lift and add volume to these areas. Keep in mind that when you whenever you transfer fat from one area by two another approximately 20% of this will melt away. The amount of fat that remains is dependent largely on how much is moved and the surgeon's experience and technique. You may consider using a different technique or surgeon to increase the volume and change the contour of your butt. However, it is possible to receive a butt implant if you wish or if you do not have sufficient fatty volume. Keep in mind that this is not a simple surgery so it is essential that you work only with a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in butt recontouring, Brazilian Butt lift, and Butt implant surgery.

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Are Butt Implants Safe After Having Brazilian Butt Lift?

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The majority of patients are extremely happy after their Brazilian Butt Lift, however occasionally patient want more augmentation than fat alone can accomplish. The benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift prior to augmentation is that the persona has already had some liposculpting to improve their overall figure. Also the fat that has been transferred is used as a buffer to soften the implant in feel and appearance.

I would make sure that you at least two or three months have gone by prior to the second surgery with implants to allow time for the swelling to go down and settle. Once a patient has recovered from their Brazilian Butt Lift they can undergo a butt augmentation with implants with out any increased risk.  They should actually have a phenomenal result!

Please discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon.

Butt Implants following Brazilian Butt Lift

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Butt Implants After a Brazilian Butt Lift

As long as you have completely recovered from your Brazilian Butt Lift, - I would wait between 6 months to a year,  it is alright to perform a butt implant procedure. However, take note that a buttock implant surgery is more involved than fat transfer surgery and requires a lengthy recovery period.   Patients must understand that following buttock implants they will not be able to sit down for at least 14 days and will not be able to resume most normal activities for a month.  More rigorous activities will not be able to be enjoyed for about two months after the procedure.


Implant after Brazilian butt

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Yes, fat transfer does not change the anatomy of the tissues and therefore does not preclude placement of an implant.

M. Vincent Makhlouf, MD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Butt Implants Safe After Having Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Absolutely, having had fat transfer buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift) does not preclude you from have buttock implants now...RAS

Buttock augmentation

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Sure it is.  I place the implants between the layers of the gluteus muscle, not under it, or above it.

Are Butt Implants safe after having Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Were the fat grafts successful?

The reason I say this is that implants in general seem to have a lot more problems than fat grafting. I have just spent the last half hour in this forum answering questions from patients who have had problems with their implants.

I do a ton of butt augmentation and rarely use implants, because of all the problems I hear about.

If you want additional volume a second procedure can be done and the results are more natural. I have done second procedures on two patients, both of them slender patients who preserved their original gains, but encouraged buy their results gained more weight just so I could graft the additional fat. They are both ecstatic and I'm sure would be happy to share their experience.

There is a reason why most of the guys that do a lot of butt augmentations use almost exclusively fat grafting. The results are better with less risk.

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