When to Stop Using Retinol Cream Before TCA Peel?

I'm 19 and am having a 20% TCA peel. I have been using a retinol cream for a month to prepare my skin. My question is how many days prior to the peel should I stop using the retinol cream?

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Retin A and Chemical Peels

I ask my patients to stop the day of the peel.

After the complete healing of the peel I wait one week then restart the Retin A, once every other day. That will maintain the results for you.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Retinol creams prior to TCA peels

Years ago we use to stop Retin A 3-4 days before any heavy TCA peels but we found out that it makes no difference when or even if you stop the Retin A ahead of time if you are going to be using a good cortisone lotion twice a day for the next 2 weeks. Also be sure to use a sunscreen and pamper your skin.

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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No need to stop Retinol Cream before TCA Peel

There is no need to stop Retinol cream before a 20% TCA peel. In fact, there is no need to use Retinol cream or anything else in preparation for a 20% TCA peel (which is very superficial). It is our experience that glycolic acid peels with the glycolic acid home maintenance is more effective than 20% TCA peels. If you desire, Retinol cream can be used in conjunction with glycolic acid peels. We have a number of patients who get monthly glycolic acid peels, apply glycolic acid cream to their face in the morning and Retin A to their face at night.

Sigmund L. Sattenspiel, MD
Freehold Facial Plastic Surgeon

Ask your doctor about pre-peel skin care

Acheiving consistent results with TCA peels, as with any type of peel, requires close coordination with your doctor about the skin care regimen. You should ask the doctor or his/her skin care specialist so that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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