I want Botox for my teeth grinding when I'm sleep. I live in Atlanta GA. Can my health or dental insurance cover this procedure?

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Botox for Teeth Grinding

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I don't believe insurance will cover this seeing it is an off label use of Botox. It would be best to get a hold of your Insurance company and ask them what may be covered. Thank you for your question.

Botox for teeth grinding

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Thank you for an excellent question.  Botox can be used for various areas of the face off-label including in the masseter for teeth grinding.  "Off label" usage refers a physician using an FDA approved medication for a purpose the FDA has not specifically approved it for.  Insurance will not typically cover "off-label" use of Botox.  I hope you find that helpful.  I would recommend consulting a facial plastic specialist to discuss your concerns.

All my best!   Dr. Elizabeth

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I want Botox for my teeth grinding when I sleep. Can health or dental insurance cover this procedure?

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Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your teeth grinding episodes.  Unfortunately insurance will not cover the costs of this use of Botox as it is "not medically necessary."  Oftentimes patients receive good results of treatment to either the masseter muscle - the muscle alone the back part of the jaw - as well as the temporalis muscle - along the sides of the head.  Hope this helps

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for masseter hypertrophy

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Unfortunately, insurance companies do not usually cover this treatment. Patient in some cases though will use a health savings account to pay for the treatment. 

Off label but effective.

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Botox in the masseter muscle for teeth grinding is considered off-label but effective. I typically use 15 -20 u per side but some patients require more. Results can last quite a while- longer than the average cosmetic duration of action. Unfortunately, since the treatment is off-label, insurance companies typically do not cover the cost. Best of luck! 

Rebecca Weiss, DO
Scottsdale Family Physician

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