Stomach Still Large 5 Weeks After Liposuction

I am 5 weeks post op abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to buttocks. I feel as if my butt looks the same and I am worried about my stomach being flat. While it is smaller it is definitely not flat which I was told it would be. I have the hard nodules and some tender areas as well, but when will my stomach bulge be gone?

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Recovering after liposuction

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It normally takes weeks to months for the swelling to go down. There is continued tightening for up to six months after liposuction. Certain external massage devices may add improvement temporarily while you're waiting for your body to improve the situation.  Ask your surgeon what might be safe to do, but they may tell you to wait several more weeks.

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It does take time to heal from these procedures

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At this 5 week time frame, it is completely normal to still be swollen. I typically do not take after photos until 6 weeks after liposuction. However this is no where near healed. Typically it takes about 6 months for the body to heal a liposuction and have the swelling resolve. At 5 weeks after a liposuction you will be in the lumpy bumpy stage of healing.  

These firm areas will soften beginning at about 8 weeks and eventually all return to a normal feeling texture. Contact your surgeon and schedule a follow up visit so you can be photographed and take a good look at the before and after pictures. It is often very surprising how hard it is to remember where you started from.

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Post op Liposuction Results

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Without seeing you beforehand, it is hard to give you an accurate idea of what to expect afterwards.  You are still early on in the healing process, and the fact that you are still tender means that things are still changing internally.   Be patient and give it three months.  It can take that long to fully heal, swelling to go down, etc.  I hope this helps.

5 weeks post liposuction

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If you are 5 weeks post liposuction, you are still swollen. However, if you have abdominal wall laxity, the stomach bulge will not go away unless you have the muscles tightened through an open procedure.

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Stomach still large 5 weeks after liposuction

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Sorry but photos are needed. Sounds like either a poor surgery or your expectations are unrealistic. But over the net I can not be sure of the real issue.

Good luck Dr. B

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