Still Thumbsucking with Braces?

I'm 17 yrs old and I've had braces for 8 months and I can't seem to kick the thumb sucking habit. Will it make my orthodontia treatment longer?

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Othodontics and Tumbing Sucking

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You orthodotic treatment should have never been started until the problem of thumb sucking had been addressed and dealt with. Until you get help for this habit, orthodotnics will not work!

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Still Thumbsucking with Braces?

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YES. Not only will it make your orthodontic work take longer but the treatment won't even work. If you have been sucking your thumb for 17 years you can't possibly fix your orthodontic problems with braces alone. In fact, the thumb sucking problem should have been addressed BEFORE orthodontic treatment started.

By continuing to suck your thumb you are doing severe damage to your upper arch which affects the shape and position of your lower arch. It also adversely affects your nasal airway and quite possibly your retroglossal airway as well. It is also probable that you are adversely affecting your TMJ also.

You MUST stop the thumb habit. It won't be easy to quit a habit you have been involved with for 17 years but there are appliances you can wear that make thumb sucking extremely unpleasurable.

Good luck!

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