Why are my front two teeth longer even after wearing braces for 2 years?

My upper central incisors are still longer than other teeth, they are also protruding a bit. However, the braces have brought them very close to the ideal position but hasn't fixed them completely. What do you suggest? Thank You

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Protruding Centrals

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Without a photo, I cannot definitively say... Ideally, central incisors should be a little bit longer than your lateral incisors (the two teeth on either side) and your canines should follow suit to be just a tad bit longer than your laterals. Teeth that are exactly the same height and width across the board do not look natural. Now, if your centrals are protruding (as in being pushed out), you should probably visit with your orthodontist again to see why that may be happening. 

Good luck!

Oklahoma City Dentist

Not happy with tooth position in braces

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What do I suggest?...TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!  It's your mouth and you are paying the bill...it is the doctor's responsibility to make you happy if your requests are reasonable...so, as my mother use to say: "you have a mouth...use it!" 

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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