Can I Still Use Retin a and/or Glycolic Acid if I Am Getting Laser Hair Removal on my Face Every Four Weeks?

Can I Still Use Retin a or Glycolic Acid if I Am Getting Laser Hair Removal on my Face Every Four Weeks? I have also heard that it is ineffective to use both retin a and glycolic acid at the same time but does that mean if one is in my routine the other should not be, or that I should use them at different times of the day (one in the morning and the other at night)?

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Retin A during Laser Hair Removal

If you are getting laser hair removal then you should stop using the Retin A about a week or so prior to your visit.  Please, share this information with your provider. You must also, and this is very important, use sunscreen daily.  It's important to do whether or not you are using a product or getting a treatment, but more so if you are.



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RetinA, Glycolic Acids, and Laser Treatments

You should stop any active products that make your skin sensitive to lasers at least 4 to 5 day before your treatment.  Retin-A's should only be used at night.  You can use your glycolic products in the morning but not together with your Retin-A in the evening.  Suscreen in a complete MUST.


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