Still Some Pain 6 Days After Wisdom Teeth Removal? (photo)

I got 4 wisdom teeth out 6 days ago and I'm still experiencing some pain. The rest of my family took about 3 days to recover so I'm a bit paranoid. The pain isn't excruciating but when I wake up and at some points in the day it's enough to make me a bit miserable. It's mostly on one side, there isn't swelling but every now and then when I spit out it's a bit yellowish. I've been doing salt water rinses religiously. Did I still get an infection?

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Pain After Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Usually the pain should be subsiding by day 7. If there is yellow pus coming out of the extraction site, you might have an infection or a dry socket. Have the surgeon take a look.

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Wisdom teeth removal

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Postoperative pain after wisdom teeth removal is not uncommon. Pain may last for few days with some people and longer with others. It is due to the surgery itself and soreness of the jaw from opening the mouth. If the pain is increasing, it may be due to a dry socket or infection, non of them is serious. Follow up with your dentist for evaluation and treatment. Good luck. 

Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal

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You may have an infection.  Most likely you have some food debris impacted in the extraction site which can cause the symptoms you describe.  If you were not placed on antibiotics you may need to be.  If you were not given a syringe to help you clean the sockets you may need one.  Most pain is usually gone by 1 week under normal circumstances and if there were no complications with the surgery. If the pain radiates to your ear or other teeth you may have "dry socket" which can be treated by your surgeon easily, this is when the blood clot becomes dislodges and there is exposed bone, it is painful, but can be fixed.  Speak with your surgeon about your symptoms

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