Can I Still Move my Forehead After Botox?

I am self-conscious of the lines on my forehead and am desperately looking for a way to reduce them however I am a 29 year old actress and am cautious of using botox. Is it possible to get such a treatment where the muscles are weakened but not totally paralysed so expressions are still possible?

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Forehead Movement After Botox

Yes, if you have an experienced plastic surgeon do this procedure you will still be able to move your forehead. Botox will relax your forehead lines without freezing all movement. The Botox dose administered should be customized to each patient.

Normal facial expressions can still be made after Botox

Good question. With an experienced injector, it is possible to receive Botox injections that look natural and not overdone. Normal facial expressions can still be made because Botox reduces muscle activity but does not radically change it. Botox is best injected by a certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Natural looking results

It is important to find an injector who has experience treated the area. You can still retain your natural facial movement, as long as the treatment has been performed properly.

Forehead Movement After Botox

Most physicians would never inject the amount of Botox it would take to completely "freeze" your forehead muscles, making expressions look different. Instead, your doctor will inject in precise locations to target the muscle and relax it, without making you unable to express yourself through facial movements. If you make sure to express these concerns to your physician, they will have a good idea of your expectations and you'll be satisfied with the outcome. At such a young age, you'll do very well with even just a small amount of product. Thousands of actors and actresses have Botox and you'd never notice it. Best of luck! 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Subtle and Aesthetic Botox Treatment of the Forehead for Actors

Absolutely! Many of my patients in NYC are on stage, in film, or on TV.  Many others who are not actors, do not want to look plastic or like they are wearing a mask.   Botox can and should be used to provide a natural but relaxed appearance.  Forehead lines can be treated unless there is already a significant sagging of the forehead from the aging process. If Botox were used when the forehead were dropping then the relaxed forehead would not be able to help lift up the forehead and the eyebrows and eyelids can droop. This would be terrible for an actor. Low dose units spaced apart and not throughout the forehead is the goal.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Maintaining forehead movement with Botox

If the treatment is done appropriately, one can still have facial expression while maintaining a relatively smooth forehead.  It is best to start conservatively with the amount of neuromodulator used, as more can always be added.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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You should not be frozen after getting Botox in the forehead

Every face is different, as are everyone's goals, but a Botox treatment on the forehead should be able to relax forehead lines without completely freezing your face.  My goal with most patients is to smooth/soften the problematic lines, but allow them to move their eyebrows up and down several millimeters - just not enough to make creases in their skin.


I would recommend finding an experienced physician you trust, and starting slowly. 

Richie L. Lin, MD
Summit Dermatologic Surgeon

Forehead movement after botox

Usually, there is some movement after treatment of the forehead with botox.  The injections are typically customized to each patient.  

David A. Lickstein, MD
Palm Beach Gardens Plastic Surgeon
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Getting subtle results with botulinum toxin

Absolutely, it is possible to have botulinum toxin and still move your forehead!

The dose and site of injections is customised to each patient. If I were treating you I would assess which lines are problematic for you, which would allow me to work out where to put the injections. Then we would discuss what degree of softening you are after, and start with a low dose. I'd ask you to come back in 2 weeks after the initial injections so we could both assess whether you were happy with the result. If you felt the results were too subtle I'd recommend a top-up at the 2 week visit. If you were delighted with the result you wouldn't need a top-up. In the unlikely event that you felt the results were too much we'd know that the initial dose was too high and it would take a couple of months before the effect wore off.

I recommend starting with a low dose, because it can always be topped up. After 1-3 treatments it's generally possible to predict what dose is "right" for you, so you won't usually need the 2 week review.

Jill Tomlinson, MBBS, FRACS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Botox for natural movement with less wrinkles

The first time Botox is used cosmetically, it should be placed using cautious dosing to ensure natural results.  Although a few patients want to completely eradicate wrinkles, most people want to look naturally more youthful. Properly placed and dosed Botox will elevate the brows slightly and reduce the degree of movement associated with frowning muscles by weakening the muscle. This effect is dose dependent and also dependent on a patient's muscle mass in the treated muscle. 

Michael Howard Swann, MD
Springfield Dermatologic Surgeon
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