Can I Still Use Differin Cream As One of my Daily Care After Injecting Dysport? (photo)

Today, I went back for my Dysport touch-up 2 weeks after of injecting Dysport on the 10th Sept. The picture below was taken today. I told my doctor that I use differin cream, she said I shouldn't differin cream that it may dissolve the Dysport I've injected. I do not have these wrinkles to appeal so visibly, don't know why it appealing suddenly.. Of course , I tried Dysport before.. What should I do with all these wrinkles to get disappear?

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Can I use Differin Cream after Dysport?

Sorry but that's just silly for the doctor to say. Dysport is injected into the muscle and affects the muscle. Products like Differin are applied topically and would have zero affect on the Dysport - positive or negative. Those wrinkles won't be helped at all by Differin but after a treatment of Dysport you should have gotten rid of a great deal of those forehead wrinkles. Do you know how much was used? If you aren't getting the results you desire, or answers that make sense, you might want to see another physician for a consultation.

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Dysport drug-drug interactions

Differin will not "dissolve" Dysport and will not have interaction with Dysport.  Differin will not alter the results of your Dysport treatment.  Dysport will produce excellent results for smoothing forehead wrinkles.  If you are not getting satisfactory results with your current doctor, you may consider trying another one.  

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