US Citizen traveling to Canada for breast augmentation. Question about insurance abroad.

I'm traveling to Canada from the US for a breast augmentation and I was curious if there was any travelers insurance I should look into just in case there is an emergency or complication. I love the work my doctor has done and he is an accredited doctor worth the travel but I am one of those people who needs to have all of their bases covered

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Traveling abroad for plastic surgery

Make sure you are seeing a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  Be sure to stay long enough for proper follow up care and have made arrangements at home.  You’ll have to see what hospital privileges the surgeon has and call to see if your insurance is accepted there.  Typically breast augmentation is not covered by insurance.  Narcotics prescriptions will not be able to be called in, they must be written and must be filled near home.  Always do your research before having surgery abroad

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Give this some thought

There is a common thread you can see running through the answers given by all the Plastic Surgeons.  As a group, we are much more comfortable operating on patients that we can be available for in the post operative period.  It makes it much easier to give patient's post operative advise about making sure the recovery goes smoothly and uneventfully, which is always the goal after an operation. If you have the time and means to travel back and forth to your surgeon in Canada, or stay there for at least 2 weeks, this may make sense for you, particularly if you have already established a relationship with this physician.  However, if there are complications and you are far from this plastic surgeon, you will have to seek aid from your local plastic surgeons.  That will likely incur more expense, and you may not have the luxury of time to pick the local surgeon you want.  All "Food for Thought."  Good luck with your decisions.  

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Traveler's Insurance For Plastic Surgery Abroad

There are many plastic surgeons in the US who do this procedure and do it well. You could avoid this insurance issue altogether. You mentioned you've already had work done by this surgeo. You should direct this question to him as he may best know the answer to your question. His staff helping you with this issue should be included in the fee you've paid him. 

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance would cover any change in plans resulting from a complication. However, it would not cover later consequences of the procedure. Your health insurance also will not pay for medical services resulting from cosmetic surgery.

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Medical tourism.

Thanks for your question. It is really your insurance carrier that will best be able to answer your question about coverage and benefits at home and abroad.

Do be careful though, 10% of your surgery is the surgery itself and 90 % is the follow up care. Do be sure you have the resources to travel back and forth to canada if there are any issues in the postoperative period.

Good luck.

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You can find medical insurance for travelling, but it may not cover any complications from cosmetic procedures. Please read all the fine details before buying the insurance. However, there are probably excellent physicians in your area. Should you need follow up care or have any complications, it would be best to have your surgeon close to home.

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Breast augmentation abroad

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • Yes, there are various forms of travel insurance for catastrophes abroad.
  • You can find them by searching on-line for the various options.
    Travelling abroad is always the riskiest way to do surgery -
  • You are near Washington, DC and Philadephia with great surgeons in both areas.
  • Be sure that travelling 4,000 miles or so is the best way to have a routine cosmetic procedure from a surgeon you have never met, in a foreign county.
  • That said, Canada is a much, much better place than other choices I've made people make and care there should be the same as in the USA.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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