I can't afford my breast reduction, what can I do? (out of options)

I am 19, (turning 20 in jan.) and 110lbs. I eat very healthy, exercise regularly. However, i am 5'3" and I have a 32DD chest size. I have TERRIBLE posture, neck pains, back pains, and head aches all caused from the weight. I feel i am out of options and i am positive that if i dont have a reduction soon, it will most definitly effect the quality of my life, which only makes me stress more. I was wondering, are there possibly any surgeons that would take me on as a charity case or teaching case?

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Breast Reduction Surgery

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Your symptoms are typical for a woman who has breasts that are too large for her body. Breast reduction surgery will relieve your symptoms and improve the quality of your life. That being said, it is unlikely you will find a surgeon willing to take care of you as a charity case. Plastic surgery training programs often allow residents to do the surgery at a reduced cost but you may get what you pay for especially if there is little supervision by an experienced staff surgeon. Many plastic surgeons work with financing institutions that provide loans for breast surgery. Also, consider getting a job that provides health insurance from a company that will cover breast reduction surgery. Good luck!

Breast Reduction

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You can do an Internet search for plastic surgery residences near you. You may be able to find a residency program that will do your breast reduction, it certainly won't be free but it might be at some reduced cost. 

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