Do you actually have to "go" in a diaper?

And is it possible for someone to have the surgery without anyone else at home to help them?

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Brazilian butt lift

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I do not put patients in diapers after a brazilian butt lift, but not only do i make sure the patient goes home with someone, I prefer that they have someone stay with them at least the first 24 hours after surgery.

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Thank you for the question.

In my practice, no diapers are placed on patients. In regards to going home alone after surgery is not advisable, the patient will be in need of some assistance. If you don't have anyone to assist you, check with your doctro's practice, they might offer recovery homes in which these are like hotels but for post op patients. 

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Diaper question

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The answer is......   NO.  You will be able to use the restroom as you would normally.  The answer to your second question about having someone at home is.....  YES, you will not be permitted to go home alone after the surgery and will need someone with you the first 24 hours.  

You need help at first

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hi!! After the surgery its always convenient to have someone to help you. But its not a must. Patients can manage to work theyre normal activities alone. 

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