Girdle? Can I Take a Break from It? (photo)

Hi! I'm post op day 17 mommy make over. I was told by my PS that I could remove the binder & start wearing a snugg girdle to help contour my torso so I did. I wear the girdle and the bando(for my left breast wich slightly goes lateral as recommended by my ps)24/7 but with both i feel so constricted. Can I take breaks from both or either one for just for a few minutes? Without causing a setback on my progress? Or further swelling. Thank you.

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Must I Wear My Girdle And Bando 24/7?

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Dear Grumpyme,

The post tummy tuck and liposuction girdle is meant to decrease fluid flowing into injured areas.  Obviously, the more you wear it, the sooner you will reach a steady state where injured cells are repaired and swelling diminishes and finally ceases.

This, of course, has to be balanced with a comfort level and at times, downright pain, from wearing binding garments 24/7.

Each plastic surgeon has his or her own regiment for the wearing of girdles.  However, in my practice, patients are allowed to take the garments off for an hour or two to wash them, to shower, and sometimes just because.  I also feel the garments have minimal value after 14 days, but that's just me. 


Post operative surgical garment wear is important

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Wearing your post-op garments as prescribed by your surgeon is important, however, if the garment is painful, does not fit correctly or needs to be washed, its okay to remove the garment for a period of time.

Girdle after tummy tuck

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Thank you for asking about your girdle after your tummy tuck and liposuction.

  1. Check with your surgeon of course but I tell my patients to wear a girdle as much as possible for 6 weeks after a mommy make-over  - taking breaks as needed.
  2. Always remove a garment if it restricts breathing. You may need a larger size or to cut the elastic on the garment you have.
  3. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Girdle after Tummy Tuck Surgery? Can I Take a Break from It?

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Always best to check with your own plastic surgeon, but I think that you will find that most plastic surgeons will not have a problem with you taking a “break” from the constricting garments. Yes, you may experience slight rebound swelling when you do so but this break should not cause any real setback to your progress.

 Again, best to check with your own plastic surgeon.

 Best wishes.

Compression After Tummy Tuck

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It’s not unusual for surgeons to recommend the use of compression garments following mommy makeover surgery.  Although the majority of plastic surgeons recommend some type of compression, there are surgeons who don’t always recommend compression.  It’s important to understand that every patient’s situation is unique and for this reason, the use of compression varies from patient to patient.

            In some cases, not wearing a compression garment may have no significance.  In other cases, it might be the difference between an excellent result and an average result.  We generally recommend the use of compression support garments for about three weeks following surgery.  Under these circumstances, it’s not unreasonable to remove them for brief periods of time to stretch and get comfortable. 


Garments and swelling

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 It can take at least 6-8 weeks for your swelling to resolve, sometimes much longer if extensive liposuction or tissue removal was performed.  Continue with your compression garments as per your surgeon's instructions and followup with your surgeon as scheduled.  I'm sure you'll love your results once you are fully healed!

Dr. Basu

Breaks from compression

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Taking a break from your compressive garments should be fine.  The garments should provide support and not be too tight.  If your garment is often uncomfortable you may should mention it to your surgeon as it may be too small or not fitting properly.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

Postop compressive garment need not be worn 24 – seven.

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Where the compressive garment is prescribed by your surgeon. However most recommend the garment the worn is much as possible but can be taken off periodically for comfort.

Mommy makeover and garment

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Wearing a garment post operatively is important and you should wear it most of the day. However, you should be able to take it off for short periods of time without any problems. Always check with your surgeon for his recommendations.

Tummy tuck surgery and wearing a girdle. Los Angeles

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It is generally ok to take a small break to wash your garments and 'breathe' a little.  Defer to the plastic surgeon who operated on you to assess your progress in terms of swelling. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

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