What Causes Light Headedness at 4 Weeks Post Op?

I am 4 weeks post op from mommy makeover. Have recovered well and 99% of the time I feel almost normal. Once a week in the last 2 weeks I have gotten very light headed and had to drink water and lay down for a while. Lasts about 30 minutes or so. A little scary. What would cause that? I have never had blood pressure issues either before or after surgery. Or any other blood issues or EKG issues I have a very extensive physical every year and have no health issues. I appreciate your feedback

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Symptoms post tummy tuck

You may be suffering from anemia which could cause your symptoms. A simple blood count would confirm this. Drinking more fluids and taking iron supplements may help. You must rule out other more serious problems however. See your PS and he will figure out what is wrong.

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Lightheadedness postop

I think you need to seek medical attention for your lightheadedness.  Please followup with your plastic surgeon.  You also may need to visit with your internist for a workup.  Best wishes.

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Light Headedness at 4 Weeks Post Op from Mommy Makeover?

There are many explanations for the symptoms you are experiencing; most are “benign” and self-limiting, often corrected with rest and hydration. There are other, more serious potential reasons that should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon and/or internist. Online consultants will not be able to be helpful enough.

 Best wishes.

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Lightheadedness should be evaluated

Speak with your surgeon. Meds, lack of fluid, baseline anemia are common causes. Also make an appointment with your primary care doctor to do a propoer work up to rule out other causes that are not surgically related to your mommy makeover.

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There are lots of different causes to dizziness after surgery and anesthesia. Ask your surgeon about anesthesia or medication side effect and anemia. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

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Light Headed 4 Weeks Post Op

This is a question for your Plastic Surgeon.  Also, you should see an Internal Medicine Doctor, as well.  You are still healing. Do not participate in physical activities unless instructed by your surgeon.  Take care of yourself, and slow down.

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