Do breasts naturally sag again after a lift?

I have had a breast lift and rather than the skin alone being used to hold and tighten my PS lifted them internally..I can't remember the term he used, something like pedical lift not sure ..How long does this sort of lift last before they start to sag again? They are quite soft now, not firm at all but sitting nicely on my chest wall..

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Breast sagging after lift

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Yes. A breast lift will reset the clock, so to speak. Unfortunately, factors such as skin laxity, aging, lifestyle, and other factors will continue to contribute to the natural aging of the breasts even after a lift.

Gravity and mastopexies

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Breasts will sag naturally and, regardless of the technique used, age will take its toll.  Larger breasts are more likely to sag because of the effects of gravity as well as skin laxity.  If you are able to maintain a stable weight postoperatively, this will mitigate against sagging as well as being beneficial to your health in general.

Breast sag

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Thank you for your question.  It is impossible to tell how long it will be before your breasts "sag" again or to what degree.  Please see your operating surgeon to discuss this further.

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Dr. Results
Miami, FL

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Breast lift surgery

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Thank you for your enquiry.It is unlikely that the breast will sag significantly following surgery particularly if your surgeon has performed internal repair.However, with time tissues do change and your breasts will act like a normal person’s breast in aging in the normal way.

If you are happy with the results of your surgery now I think it is likely that you will continue to be happy with it but it is important to wear a supportive bra to try and reduce the risk of further breast droop appearing.I do wish the best of luck and hope you remain happy with the appearance of your bust.AR

Breast lift

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There are many variable that impact the lift results. One issue is the quality of the skin and tissues.  Best of luck.

Breast Sag After Lift

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Good afternoon, thanks for your question. I'm glad to hear you're happy with your early result.

I'm not able to give you more information about the exact nature of the lift you underwent - most breast lifts involve a pedicle of some description, many will use internal sutures to help shape and structure the internal tissues. I'm sure your surgeon will be happy to fill you in further.

In terms of longevity of result - your breasts will settle into a fairly stable longterm position over the first 3-6months but even beyond that there will be more subtle changes that occur over the first year and a half.

How long will it last? That depends on how you look at things- the fact that the surgery took place and the shape was reset, that will be permanent. However, from post-op-day-one changes begin to take place that affect the shape, firmness and position of the breasts. These will continue for the rest of your life.

In simpler terms however you should expect the significant, positive results of your lift to last 5-7 years or more.

Happy recovery!

Breast lifts will continue to sag

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We have yet to find the perfect breast lift that won't sag. Just consider that if you never had a lft, your breast would continue to sag also. There are many contributors to this, including loss of collagen and elastic tissue in your skin, loss of breast tissue with age, and pregnancy, to name a few. Large breast implants, if placed, can be a large contributor to ongoing sagging.

Breasts can sag again after breast lift if not protected from gravity.

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After breast lift there is still weight on the chest wall is distracted by gravity. Judicious use of the bra will help prevent this. Future pregnancy can cause ptosis. Major fluctuations in weight after mastopexy can re-create ptosis

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