Hair loss/hair fall during sleep. Eyebrow hair falls

Hi, I start to have some hair loss , even my eye brow, and my leg hair grows slows down. I'm male 38. Also, I start to see hair fall in the pillow as well. I went to western medical clinic, and did a thyroid hormone test, I've got a result of T3 96 ng/dL, (80-200- normal range) TSH 3.78 ulU/mL, (0.27-4.20 normal range) Free T4 1.27 ng/dL. (0.93-1.70 normal range) The reason why I ask this is because I want to ask a proper western doctor. my local doctor says take Propecia.

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Eyebrow and body hair loss

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It is not clear that what you are describing is classic male patterned hair loss which will not impact your eyebrows. I would have to examine you.  We have a clinic in South Korea, Dr. Jino Kim and you might visit him there

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What is the cause of my hair loss? Should I take Propecia?

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Thank you for your question. Propecia is one of the treatments for male pattern balding (MPB). However, I can not tell if you have male pattern balding without more information and the opportunity to examine your scalp up close and in person. You may have male balding but you may have another diagnosis too. Male balding does not cause eyebrow and leg hair loss.  For anyone with hair on their pillow in the morning blood tests are appropriate. Thyroid tests are essential, but so are tests for hemoglobin, ferritin. Other blood tests may prove useful but what to order really depends on your medical history.

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