6 months post op Liposuction in abdomen and flanks. I developed fibrosis and lumps. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 6 months post lipo and my results are not satisfying. I believe I developed fibrosis/lump above my belly button that runs across my abdomen from side to side and some lumpiness below my bellybutton . I have pictures 2months postlipo where I look great, but as time goes by results aren't favorable, and I'm too ashamed and embarrassed to go back to my surgeon.. I want another lipo to fix me up. is it safe? would it work?? is this normal? I feel so depressed :(

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Liposuction and Lumps/Hardness

Regardless of what anyway has said, irregularities/lumps/bumps/hardness are not commonplace and should not be considered common from a liposuction procedure.  It is likely the surgeon/physician was too agressive or used a technology such as laser or ultrasound that caused excessive healing.  Half of my practice is revising these types of complications, which can happen, but are not common in conservative treatments.  My suggestion would be come for a formal consultation or Skype consult.  There are noninvasive options such as Utrashape, Velashape and Liposonix that I can use to focus on irregular areas and improve them without surgery.  Somtimes another surgery is needed to lift up the scarred areas and graft fat.  It may be that you were a tummy tuck candidate to begin with and liposuction was not the best procedure for you.  But an in person consultation will help us determine this.  I wish you the best and I am sorry this happened to you, Dr. Emer.

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Post surgery liposuction side effects

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Yes fibrosis is a very common side effect after liposuction. Once the swelling subsides, fibrosis can be seen. Fibrosis is internal scar tissue that forms after liposuction. It is important to do endermology and deep tissue massage to soften and eliminate the visible scar tissue. This is what I tell my patients to start doing about 2 months after surgery. It is very important that you visit your plastic surgeon during your first year of recovery. Anything can arise after a surgery and it is important that you have an open honest communication with your doctor. 

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6 months post op Liposuction in abdomen and flanks. I developed fibrosis and lumps. Is this normal?

Liposuction is not as exact as surgical excision. Lumpiness and hardness are common. Massage and time are indicated. You need more time to allow for softening and the lumps to get smaller. I would wait 1 year before any further surgery. You may benefit from additional liposuction to lower the lumps. And possibly fat transfer to fill in the depressions. It is surprising how much skin can be removed with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)- you may benefit from this later down the road.

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