FUE Hair Transplant recovery tips: Anything someone should know to ease my post-op time?

What should a person get before my procedure so a person can be prepared for aftercare? Ice? Neosporin? Vaseline? A shower cap? What about exercising, sex, and smoking?

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FUE recovery

I don't have my patients apply anything to the scalp after their FUE procedure.  I have them wash 2x a day with baby shampoo. Light exercise is ok after about a week.  I recommend patients not to smoke as it interrupts wound healing and lowers oxygenation in the tissue to grafts that already have been subjected to hypoxic (low oxygen) states.

It is always best to also discuss aftercare with your surgeon as every doctor has their own post operative tips.

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Hair transplant recovery tips

In regards to typical recovery, patients will vary in terms of how long it takes them to recover from their hair transplant procedures. In general, most people need three to four days in order to heal. After that, they may get on with their lives and resume their typical daily activities.

After the three to four-day healing process is finished, the follicles will be under the scalp. Infection risk will be quite low at this point. As well, any discomfort which relates to the operation should ease by the time that three or four days has passed.

With this in mind, you should plan some downtime after your operation. It might be three days or it might be a week. It depends on your schedule. Be sure to take time to rest and heal after your hair transplant. 


Scabs from a hair transplant tend to start falling off after a week to ten days. If you get an FUE or FUD hair transplant, you should know that you’ll need to wash your scalp with very gentle shampoo, such as baby shampoo, and that you may need to take medications in order to manage discomfort right after your procedure. Ointments, antibacterial solutions and other health care products may be recommended in order to remove crusts from grafts.

After your procedure, take care of yourself by avoiding scratching or hitting your head. Nothing should touch your head during this time, except when you are touching it to perform aftercare as directed by your surgeon. As well, you should drink plenty of fluids and stay away from sugar and salt. Sleep with two pillows in order to keep your head in an upright position.

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Follow instructions

For best results and faster recovery, follow your doctor's post operative instructions.  Follow up for rechecks and ask all the questions you may have as each doctor have their own specific instructions.  All the aftercare materials and drugs should be provided as well.  

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After an FUE

I have written this answer before. Sex is ok, smoking is frowned upon because of negative impact on the blood supply which can be constricted from cigarettes. Full exercising is ok, even sweating is ok after 3 days.

Previos answer: An FUE is treated just like a regular hair transplant with regard to the recipient area, but the donor area has open wounds which require daily washing with soap and water. Within 3 days of surgery, you can resume full activities, heavy exercises if you wish. The recipient area requires daily washes as well to keep the recipient area free of crusts. I generally recommend the use of a sponge and supply my patient with a surgical sponge to fill with soapy water and press on the recipient area daily. By repeating this daily, all crusts can be washed off without any fear of losing grafts. IF any crust are present, use a Q tip and dip it into soapy water, and roll it on the crusts and that will lift them off without dislodging them, but never rub them, just roll the Q tip on the recipient crust. I like to see no evidence of any crusting in the recipient area and the crusts from the donor area gone in 7-10 days with daily washing,.I have shown the photos below often and this is a typical look after 5 days from a FUE transplant if you follow the above instructions carefully

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Post of FUE

Your doctor should be able to give you the instructions but as a general rule here are what you can do to improve your post op experience:

  1. Sleep in semi-sitting position for the first few nights:  This will help with the swelling that could be seen after hair restoration
  2. Mild pain medications:  Patients generally don't have much pain after a FUE procedure but if you feel some aching at injection sites or donor area a mild pain killer can help.
  3. Hair wash: Hair wash should be done very gently for the first few days (we bring every patient the day after their procedure to educate them about this).  Proper hair wash helps remove the scabs quicker.
  4. Be in touch with your doctor if you have any concerns. I personally give my emergency line to my patients so they can contact me the night after their procedure.

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