Sneezing After Tummy Tuck and Heard a Pop?

I am two weeks post op. I sneezed yesterday. I felt a pop near my incision on my left side. A little swelling started in my lower abdomen. My drain started filling faster. Did I ruin my results. I woke up this morning and my lower abdomen is still swollen it is hard to explain but my stomach does not feel as tight on the inside This is so frustrating.

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Sneezing after Tummy Tuck and heard a pop??

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Call your  Plastic surgeons office for an appointment to see him, or her right a way.  You may have started some bleeding.

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It is possible that sneezing after tummy tuck popped a stitch.

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Either that or you may have started a little bleeding.  I would see your plastic surgeon right away.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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