Will Smoking Affect Juvederm in the Lips?

I smoke a pack a day and am having Juvederm fill up my lips tomorrow. The NP that I'm going to didn't ask me about smoking and I didnt bring it up.

Will there be more of a risk of bruising and bleeding because of this? If I don't smoke all day tomorrow and my appointment is at 3 would that make any difference? Or am I already screwed..lol Thanks!

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Smoking and Juvederm

There is no reason to avoid Juvederm Facial injections because you smoke. There is no study that I am aware of that was done utilizing the scientific method, and analyzing the longevity of filler products in smokers vs. non-smokers. There might be a theoretical increased metabolic rate in smokers that might increase the rate in which the filler dissolves, thereby shortening the duration of the effect. I have never seen this in print, nor noticed it in my patients, but I wonder if it occurs. Smoking does involve more contraction of your lip muscles than if you didn't smoke, and this might increase the local activity or metabolic demands and make the product go away faster. This is all theoretical. It does not appear to be a clinical problem for smokers to have fillers injected... but please try to quit for good, anyway!

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Smoking may not have any impact on fillers

I am not a proponent of smoking because smoking causes many problems including increasing the risk of complications from surgery. However, I doubt very much that it would have any impact on injectable products.

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Smoking after juvederm injections

Thank you for your question. There is no significant effect of smoking after injectables. However, smoking overall is going to age your face and break down elasticity. 
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Smoking should not affect those issues.  However, smoking will prematurely age your fac and lips, in addition to being unhealthful.  You may want to consider qutting.

No data on effect of smoking on filler treatments

As other doctors have mentioned, smoking can negatively effect wound healing and can worsen skin elasticity, contributing to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. However, there really isn't any data that show that smoking will cause more than the expected bruising and bleeding with your Juvederm procedure.

In general, smoking is not good for one's overall health. I encourage you to quit smoking primarily to avoid all the associated medical problems including breathing problems, skin problems, dental problems, heart problems and a risk of lung cancer.

Take care!

Smoking and Juvederm in the Lips

Hi Laurenell,

You're right, you are already screwed, stopping one day before injections won't have any effect.

You are, no doubt, a big girl and have made the choice to smoke. The best thing that you can do for yourself (and reap from this question on Real Self) is to commit to quit smoking forever. In the long term you will be helping not only your skin and wrinkles, but how about those lungs of yours?

On the positive side of things, smoking should not effect your upcoming Juvederm injections with you NP. Nor will drinking bottled water, or any of the other "old wife's" tales about those "smoker's lines". Your mitochondria will appreciate the extra oxygen they will be able to work with to help your skin once you quit smoking for good.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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Juvederm and smoking

Smoking should not pose any additional risks associated with your Juvederm procedure. As others have mentioned, smoking does worsen skin elasticity and contributes to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, especially the radial furrows around the mouth. We like to take every opportunity to encourage you to quit smoking primarily for the other health benefits including a decreased risk of lung cancer and emphysema.

Good luck.

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Can a smoker get Juvederm?

Rest assured that there is no data indicating that smoking will cause bleeding or bruising which could complicate your Juvederm procedure to the lips. HOWEVER, smoking has a whole host of other problems that can significantly complicate your health. Smoking also causes lip lines and will certainly decrease the amount of time Juvederm will last in the lips. Good luck.

Sirish Maddali, MD
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Smoking and Beauty

About the only thing smoking does NOT do is cause bleeding or bruising. If it did, it may actually be better for your health than it is.

Unfortunately, mankind has yet to come up with something that is SO commonly used which destroys so many different organ systems in our bodies; Smoking adversely affects every single inch of your body and is a slow but relentless killer. The only reason it is in common use is that our government derives billions of dollars in tax revenues from it. (Never mind the fact that it then turns around and has to spend them for the care of smoking related diseases...)The only way to stop the devastation is to stop smoking.

While it will not largely affect the filler result in the short term - you can be sure it will in the long term. If you need convincing, find me a really good looking 1 ppd smoker over 35 years old.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Smoking and aesthetic procedures

The constant pursing of your lips to smoke will cause you to have a much shorter duration of the effect of the Juvederm you are paying $$$'s for. Also, since you are concerned about your looks enough to want Juvederm, nothing other than sun exposure will destroy your youth more than smoking. That plus the risks of heart disease and lung cancer should be enough to encourage you to stop this destructive habit.

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