Can Smoking (After BBL) Cause Necrosis/abscess to Keep on Coming?

I may know why my BBL led to necrosis but I still need answers so that my healing comes much faster.Answers from certified doctors like you can help my misery. I have necrosis/abscess after my BBL past January. Recently I've started working out again sitting on benches to do so & smoking marijuana every so often. When one abscess heals of its fat & tissue loss, another grows sometimes right next to the last one. Can smoking+sitting on my butt affect my healing process w/necrosis?And if so, how?

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The fact that you have multiple episodes of abscess formation after BBL is of major concern. This needs to be worked up and the bacteria identified and a CT scan to see if what is going on.Smoking does not help the healing process

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Can Smoking (After BBL) Cause Necrosis/abscess to Keep on Coming?

Thank you for your question, smoking can cause several surgery complications one of them is necrosis, smoking prevents the oxygen flowing properly trough your body, when this happens its very difficult for your body to heal specially opened wounds, in our office we recommend our patient to stop smoking at least 2 months before surgery as well as 3 months after surgery to avoid any type of complications.

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