What is Sure Smile Technology?

Can an expert explain what thisSure Smile technology does for the teeth? Is it an alternative to something like invisalign?

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Suresmile is a computerized way of placing and adjusting braces.  It is not comparable to or a replacement for Invisalign, which uses removeable clear plastic trays rather than braces.  An optical scan of the patient's teeth is done and then translated into a computerized image of the teeth and bite.  This image is used to fabricate special trays to place the braces in the best position.  The computerized image is also used to fabricate wires which are designed to move the teeth in an efficient manner.  Both the braces and the wires are essentially the same as traditional orthodontic braces and wires.  The main difference is that the computer, rather than the orthodontist, bends the wires.  The Suresmile company claims that their technology allows cases to be finished more quickly and with fewer appointments.  I am not aware of impartial peer-reviewed research which backs up this claim, but in the final analysis the orthodontist's careful attention to treatment planning and execution is the secret sauce that assures an optimum result with whatever technology is employed to move the teeth. 

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Suresmile vs Invisalign

Invisalign is a series of clear removable plastic trays that are manufactured all off one impression to move your teeth. They must be worn for a minimum of 20+ hours a day and be removed to eat or drink anything but water.

Suremsmile is braces. The thing about Suresmile it is cost the orthodontist approximately $100k to have it in their office. Some will up charge approx $500/case saying it will shave off 6mos of treatment in their office.

The neat thing about Suresmile is NO IMPRESSIONS. They use a wand to scan your teeth once the braces are glued to your teeth and then a machine bends the wires to move the teeth. Orthodontics are going more and more digital. Suresmile is really the first generation and glitches are being smoothed out. Like Invisalign there is a huge learning curve with this technology.

Invisalign itself is only 12 years old, we have been straightening teeth since the 1960's with clear aligners. Invisalign allows us to do more complicated cases.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
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Suresmile Technology

Suresmile takes braces into the new technology era.  Reading inpressions of your mouth, a coputer custom makes an appliance (braces and wirse) so that they ar optimally and specifically deigned for your teeth and treatment objectives.  The wire and brackets have built-in 3D slots and bends that will execute the right tooth movements.  THis lessens your time in the chair and the chance of humna error in the process.  THey make life easire and more convenint for patint and doctor.

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SureSmile is CAD/CAM Technology for Orthodontic Treatment

The SureSmile concept is simple and yet powerful. A set of digital models of the teeth is created (either by an optical scanner or a 3D xray) and the orthodontist moves the virtual teeth to their ideal positions on a computer screen (CAD - Computer Aided Design). A wire bending machine or "robot" connected to the computer then fabricates a custom wire that will move the teeth to the exact locations dictated by the orthodontist, accurate to 1/10 mm (CAM - Compiter Aided Manufacturing). The process shaves 40% off of treatment time, gives a better result, and does so with less pain.

Greg Jorgensen, DMD, MS
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Sure Smile Efficiency

Sure Smile allows the orthodontist to plan tooth movement utilizing a digital model of your teeth and then create arch-wires customized for you. These wires move your teeth efficiently to the desired position. Alternatively, the orthodontist bends the wire by hand to move teeth. Either way works well in the hands of a good orthodontist...however, being efficient allows treatment to finish more quickly. A common misconception is the we are moving the teeth "faster"...this is not the case, we are simply being more efficient and so the overall treatment time is less (which means fewer office visits also). My average treatment time before using Sure Smile was 21 months and it is now 16 months.

Kimberly H. Travers, DDS
Irving Orthodontist

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