What Are These Small Pink/itchy/sore Bumps (NOT Liponots) After SlimLipo? (photo)

I had a SlimLipo procedure 2 weeks ago w/ a very experienced surgeon. All is well except that I have over a dozen very small hard bumps on my stomach. Note: These are NOT liponots, we're not talking "lumps" here. They are more like mosquito bites, very close to the surface, pink/sore/itchy. My Dr. says this is a rare reaction to the laser that he's only heard of, but never seen before. He injected cortisone into each one, w/ no results. I'm worried they might turn into scar tissue. Ideas?

UPDATE: In regard to this being skin irritation caused by the garment, I'm not sure how likely that is. First of all, these bumps were present on the very first morning after the surgery. I have a hard time believing the garment could have caused this in less than 18 hours. Secondly, unlike a typical minor skin irritation, each bump has a significant hard lump going deep below the surface, suggesting to me that there is more going on below the surface than above. Lastly, I did not shave the area prior, so ingrown hairs is not a possibility. Thanks for your input.

UPDATE 2: It has been exactly 4 weeks now since my procedure, and I'm happy to say that these bumps/knots are 80% gone. Some are completely undetectable, and some are no longer visible but still detectable under the surface by feeling around with my fingers. I'm not sure if the cortisone injections, the topical medication my doctor gave me, or simply time was the solution (or perhaps all three combined), but I am very relieved that the bumps are almost gone. As for the results of my SlimLipo procedure, I am starting to see my new sculpted mid section through the remaining swelling, and it looks awesome. Can't wait to see more results over the next couple of months! Thanks to everyone for their input.

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What Are These Small Pink/itchy/sore Bumps (NOT Liponots) After SlimLipo? (photo)

Did you shave the area for the liposuction?  It looks like they may be ingrown hairs.  Second possiblity is irritation from the binder, especially if you are sweating a lot with it.  Try wearing a cotton tee shirt under the binder.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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What Are These Small Pink/itchy/sore Bumps (NOT Liponots) After SlimLipo? (photo)

These are skin irritations due to the binder/girdle material. Stop the garments start on topical steriods or PO and see your operative surgeon ASAP. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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