Vein Broken During Smart Lipo, Do they Heal Themselves?

A vein was broken. Hematoma was drained and was I thought healing. Went down. But, then it again increased in size as I bumped it with a bin (should not have lifted). But, my concern is that do veins heal themselves? This has been quite a length of time now and I have serious concerns. It is a vein in my abdomen on my right side. I do not want more scarring from another surgery but do advise I feel so letdown from this. Quite depressing and also cost.

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Vein Broken during Smart Lipo

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It is unusual to have a hematoma secondary to Smart Lipo. However, the vein will heal. If there is residual hyperpigmentation (color change) this can be treated with topical medication.  

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Vein damage

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Veins inadvertently injured during surgery eithre heal or atrophy in time. Yuo could have some uneveness after a hematoma if it was large. Go packers

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