Small hole in my incision is leaking pus. I'm three weeks post-op. What should I do?

Last night a small hole opened up in my incision, leaking blood and pus. I called my PS. He said it is probably a boil and needs to be cleaned with peroxide. I did that and it seemed to get better. I did it again this morning because it was still leaking. Tonight it is still leaking. My PS is out of town now or I would call him again. Does this sound normal? Should I be concerned that it is still leaking? My PS said it would probably be better this morning and now I'm concerned. Help!

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Tummy tuck and incision issue

Just from the photo it looks like you have some superficial skin loss. It really is hard to say without seeing you. If it is some superficial skin loss, this usually goes on to heal. Best to follow closely with your surgeon.

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Small hole in my incision is leaking pus. I'm three weeks post-op. What should I do?

Thank you for your question, I would strongly advice you to contact your Plastic Surgeon, some Doctors when they're traveling they leave another Doctor or nurses that could assist patients in case of an emergency.

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Wound Healing Problem with Tummy tuck

I would NOT worry too much about this. Your wound is very superficial (not deep) and will heal up just fine. It will continue to drain until it is completely healed over (like a scrape on your knee). The resulting scar will look just fine. Don't panic and hang in there. Keep it cleansed with soap and water ( I wouldn't keep using peroxide for a long time - it can kill bacteria but also prevent healthy skin cells from living too) and cover it with a dry dressing until it stops draining. Best of luck!

K. Roxanne Grawe, MD
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