Small, Hard and White Bump Under the Stitch of Septoplasty? (photo)

Yesterday was the 7th day after my septoplasty and this bump appeared right under one of the dissolvable stitches.I started putting an antibiotic cream the day before yesterday ( it was bethametasone + fusidic acid).It is getting bigger and I´m afraid it doesn´t go away.My doctor is on vaccation and the next appointment is the 21 April. I don´t know if until then this will get worse. Can someone give me a little idea of what this might be? White bump-red circle Dissolvable stiches-green circle

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Septoplasty bump

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Dear Diiana,


-Usually the doctor should have someone to cover him for emergencies when he is out of town

-I wouldn't worry too much about this, dissolvable sutures dissolve from inflammation, so this bump could just be that

-Try using just a double antibiotic ointment instead of the beclomethasone

-See if you can at least talk to your doctor over the phone for more specific info


Best regards

Nima Shemirani

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