Swelling at 7.5 Months After Septorhinoplasty with Spreader Grafts?

septorhinoplasty with spreader grafts, osteotomy, tip work 7.5 months ago. My skin is oily but not thick (I'm Northern European). Is considerable swelling in the middle third of my nose still expected? It's not awful, but my nose is larger than I would prefer and slightly uneven (doc said this is due to uneven work on one side during the procedure). Some docs said that the shape at 6 months is what you're generally stuck with- my doc said to wait a year- does he just want to delay bad news?

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The middle nasal third can take 18 months to thin, but spreader grafts are invaluable

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The frontal view, as you have probably already discovered, "sets"slower than the lateral view.  The middle third can narrow for at least 18 months in some patients.


Although they are critically important to internal valvular competence (my research shows that they double airflow in most patients, even if no septoplasty is done), spreader grafts can also be made too wide.  If so, your surgeon can narrow them easily once healing is complete.


Try to be patient and good luck!

Nashua Plastic Surgeon

Swelling at 7 months.

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Many patients with thicker skin who have open rhinoplasty often can take up to a year for all edema to resolve. In addition rhinoplasty is a long term operation in that there is a gradual shrink wrap effect that continues slowly for many years. It is better to be a little wider in the mid third initially then to narrow. Over time this area is going to thin out more. Be patient.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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