Is PRP beneficial in fue procedure?

pRp in fue does it make a difference I hear that some doctors apply this procedure others say no benefit

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Prp with fue

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platelet rich plasma is the portion of your blood that is rich in platelets. This solution is very beneficial and rich in growth factors. One growth factor it is particularly rich in is VEGF. This growth factor can stimulate new blood vessels and helps in hair growth. In my hands and colleagues I speak with who use prp, the results with prp are superior to fue done by itself. In my opinion combining prp with and fue procedure is superior and helps grafts survive better than not using prp

Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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In the right patient if it is performed properly.  PRP does NOT bring dead follicles back to life. Thus, in advanced hair loss there is little to no benefit.  For early hair loss, 3 sessions spaced 2 months apart generally shows thickening of the treated areas and even thickness in hair shaft.

Tim Neavin, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Some doctors may recommend PRP after a hair transplant procedure but a successful hair transplant does not require PRP

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Some doctors may recommend PRP after a hair transplant procedure but a successful hair transplant does not require PRP.  PRP does not guarantee a successful hair transplant result.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Is PRP Recommended After an FUE Hair Transplant

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The question may be divided into two components:

1. Does PRP work when used to treat hair loss in men and women?
In male pattern baldness, I don't think using PRP has any logic, as it does nothing to prevent the cause. In some female hair loss situations it may have some benefits however scientific studies are limited and data are difficult to quantify.

2. Does PRP enhance hair growth at the recipient and healing at the donor area in FUE?
There are no clear scientific data proving this. I don't think PRP with hair transplant is much more than a marketing tool and a way to make extra money for hair clinics.

Patients have to decide on one thing:
Do they want a treatment that their doctor thinks may be beneficial, but no visible effect when done on most people. Or do they want a treatment that has proven effect in numerous studies and the effect can be clearly seen on most patients that it has been used on.

Ali Emre Karadeniz, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

PRP and hair loss - does it help?

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The best study published to date is an Italian study published in 2014 in the journal Dermatologic Surgery. 
It reviewed results of 64 patients treated with PRP. Overall, about 40 % had significant results.  The main issue with PRP in the world at the present time is there is no standard protocol. The concentration of platelets, the method of PRP activation, volume injected all seem to matter. There's little doubt that different clinics will get different results. The field is evolving, but there is little doubt to the benefits of PRP. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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