Can a Slimmer Nasal Tip Be Achieved with Just the Cephalic Trimming? (photo)

I am scheduled for an alarplasty because the tip of my nose is bulbous, wide, and thick. I want to avoid getting a rhinoplasty, and am comfortable with the bridge of my nose. Im concerned that after receiving the alarplasty, the tip of my nose will remain thick at the end and form a more obvious round tip. Will cephalic trimming be something that i could consider? or Botox rhinoplasty? Is there any way of avoiding the round tip with the alarplasty? I want a narrow nose without pinched look

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Cephalic trimming for slimmer nasal tip

The cephalic trim of the lower lateral cartilages will thin the tip in certain selected patients.  In thick-skinned patients it is quite difficult due to the nature of the overlying skin that is present.  Alarplasty will simply narrow the nostrils.

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Rhinoplasty for Tip Improvement

      Cephalic trim and suture techniques can be employed to produce the  the nasal tip result you desire.  The rhinoplasty does not have to include the dorsum.  Pinched tips can result from aggressive cartilage resection.  I would not consider using Botox to accomplish any of your goals.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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