I Wanted to Know That Vinegar Can Actually Soften Nasal Bone & Can We Shape It in Desired Way by Applying Pressure on It?

i have little hooked nose I wanted to know that vinegar can actually soften nasal bone & can we shape it in desired way by applying pressure on it as vinegar reduces calcium content of bones

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Vinegar for Nasal Bone Altering

   The key is not the vinegar here but the concentration needed for the effect.  This concentration cannot be used as it would kill the soft tissue envelope.  Kenneth Hughes, MD rhinoplasty Los Angeles, CA

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Vinegar is for salad. Not used for non-surgical nose jobs.



Good organic chemistry thinking but.....

While vinegar will perhaps ultimately soften a nasal bone, it will have to be a cadaver bone in a laboratory. No way vinegar, either consumed with greens in a salad or poured onto the skin of your nose will have any effect on your living nasal bones.

Neither will massage.

If you don't like your nose because it is crooked or for other reasons, best to consult an experienced and highly specialized  rhinoplasty surgeon. Maybe you have a deviated nasal septum?

Time to do some homework; I wrote the book below to help you.

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