Correcting 8mm Anterior Overjet with Increased Overbite with Invisalign? (photo)

I'm 32yrs male with overjet and overbite Class 2 malocclusion and crowding. no functional problems yet, concern is more aesthetic. Orthodontics proposed invisalign as well as ceramic braces. I am told extraction of upper premolar with invisalign can push back the upper arch and fix the malocclusion,crowding, others say invisalign can't do- need wire braces, if not surgery.Can upper teeth be pushed back removing overjet through invisalign; with or w/o extraction?Do I need all wisdom removal?

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Invisalign not a good option for class 2 deep bite

Majority of Class 2 malocclusions where there is excess overjet are not due to the upper teeth or upper jaw being protruded excessively, but rather the lower jaw being too recessed.  If that's what you have (which needs to be evaluated with x-rays), it would be a huge mistake to take out any teeth.  That would only "trap" your lower in a permanently recessed position which may cause future jaw joint problems.  Invisalign is not a good option here but instead a conventional orthodontic approach to widen your upper arch and allow the lower jaw to assume a more natural and stable position, then align the teeth to maintain this position.  But first, like others have mentioned, you need to get your gums back to health or no one will start orthodontic treatment on you.  Good luck!

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Invisalign candidate

My first concern before correcting your malocclusion would be to deal with the buildup under the gum and on the roots of your teeth.  this can lead to periodontal disease and loss of your teeth. You have plaque all over your teeth (poor oral hygiene) that you need to address first.  Do yourself a favor and buy a powered toothbrush, it will help immensely



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8mm Anterior Overjet & Increased Overbite with Invisalign

First of all, unless you begin brushing your teeth more effectively, you should not begin any type of orthodontic treatment. Your teeth are coated with plaque, causing periodontal disease. Poor candidate for any type of tooth movement. Secondly, your teeth are in 2 different planes of occlusion: very difficult to correct with Invisalign. Conventional ortho will provide better results.

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Severe overset

First I would see a periodontist and get all the infection and gum disease cleared up. When this Dr gives you a clean bill of health, get into an orthodontist. After a full work up you will know why is needed to correct your issues in a healthy manner. It could be braces or braces and surgery together . The profile, tooth size and jaw position all need to be looked at. Do it once and do it right

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Invisalign is not ideal for you

Invisalign is not going to give you the desired result that you want. Invisalign can align your teeth but the excess overjet will stay (or even get worse)! The ideal treatment would probably involve surgically advancing your lower jaw to bring your teeth into class 1 position. If this is not acceptable to you then a compromised treatment of extracting two upper first bicuspids and then retracting your upper anterior teeth segment to close the space. This could potentially have negative effect on the profile of your upper lip and nose tip length as you age.


1. Get your oral hygiene improved as soon as possible. Get yourself a regular general dentist to correct your oral hygiene problem.

2. Get as many "second" opinion in person as possible. 

3. Decided what option you would be the most comfortable with. Your current condition may not be a life threatening disease, but you would have to live with the result. Hence, it would be prudent to do as much research as possible. 


Good luck.

Richard Shin, DDS MS
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