Uneven eyelids and one eye bigger than the other? (photos)

I've been troubled by my uneven eyelids for a while now. I want some symmetry. What are my surgical options in order to achieve Asian-standard eyelids? More recently I also noticed that my right eye has quite a lot more white space. This has bothered me a lot more than it should. Could this possibly be corrected together with the eyelids or am I stuck with my unevenly sized eyes? I took a few shots of my eyes at the same angle under different lighting. Thank you very much in advance.

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Even eyes. Is it my crease, my lid, or my eye?

Eyes can appear and even either because the anatomy of each eyelid is different, the eyelid itself is droopy such as a case of ptosis, Or one eyeball is deeper for further back than another.  Either way I think you will need an incision technique with possible ptosis correction or anchoring technique Asian eyelid surgery to improve your symmetry. Perfection is never a reality but I think you can make your eyes much more even. I'll attach a video about healing and the process.

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Eyelid Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question. If you are looking for a more youthful and contoured eyelid crease, double eyelid surgery is suggested. Eyelid surgery will achieve symmetrical eyelid creases and a natural appearing fold that you are looking for. You should seek consultation with a board-certified surgeon who can better assess you and provide accurate options and results for your specific needs. Best of luck!

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Your eyelid crease is asymmetric and very settle difference

you are very harsh on yourself, your eyes are beautiful. but since you like to fix your asymmetry, we need to focus on the superior eyelid creases and try to make them symmetrical. There is no difference in the palpebral fissure, which it is the measurement of upper eyelid margin to lower eyelid margin, in the two eyes. by doing the double eyelid procedure we can fix the asymmetry. you have to decide which superior eyelid you like.

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Treatment for uneven eyelids

Thank you for sharing your question and posting photos. You have a slight amount of extra skin on your left upper eyelid. This can easily be corrected by an experienced Asian eyelid surgeon. The increased amount of "white" that your are seeing should be left alone.
Good luck,

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Eyelid asymmetry

Hello sexyguru, thank you for your question.  Just wondering, are your eyelid folds natural or have you had eyelid surgery before?  Your eyelid crease can be made more symmetric with excision of excess skin (left more than right) and anchoring of the eyelid crease at the same level on both eyelids.  It also depends on what kind of eyelid crease do you prefer (outer fold/ inner fold etc).  As far as the scleral (white part of the eye) show is concerned, your palpebral fissure length appears to be slightly shorter on the left compared to your right.  There's slightly less scleral show laterally (outer corner) on your left compared to your right.  Lateral canthal extension on the left may increase the length of the palpebral fissure and increase scleral show on the left.  Most people would prefer to make their eyes bigger that way rather than making their eyes smaller by decreasing the scleral show on your right eye.  You may also choose to leave it alone because the asymmmetry of your sclera is relatively minor and making the eyelid crease symmetric should be sufficient.  Good luck!

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