Will sciton BBL burn on nose creases resolve to be like previous skin? (Photo)

Doctor used bbl sciton for spider red veins. Gel was not used and gel was placed in between filters and there was a small round attachment as opposed to the rectangle filter. When she went around both crease of my nose, there was burn and I see red and some parts of skin were white. Later it blistered and crust and ooze and it was kept covered with bactroban for a week before the scabs fell off. However now there is irregularities and indents on some parts. What can I do to resurface the crease?

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BBL Burn

Hi Lamyilee, Scars take a very long time to completely mature.  A surgical scar may take up to 2 years before it becomes the same color and texture as the surrounding skin.  You don't have to wait 2 years to begin treating this, but my point is please be patient.  I would start massaging the areas with your fingers about 2 week after they have healed.  Because you are trying to break up the collagen physically, you need to be pretty aggressive.  To do this place your thumb just inside your nose and then rub the scar with your index finger in the creases.  You have to be a little careful with your skin type using an Erb or CO2 laser, but after a few months you could consider a HALO treatment or light Erb profractional to help improve the texture.

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Scar after IPL around the nose

Thank you for your question lamylee. Spider veins are common around the nose and multiple treatments are available including Nd:YAG, pulsed dye lasers, KTP, and IPL (BBL). The Sciton BBL has round and square adaptors which can be used to target small spots such as blood vessels. The area around the nose is delicate and sensitive. If settings are too high, scars can form. Scars can be treated with fractional resurfacing lasers such as CO2 and Er:YAG. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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