Will the fat on the upper eye lid return after I go through the surgery for double eyelid?

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Fat After Eyelid Surgery?

Hello and thank you for your question. Fat from the upper eyelid will not return after you have gone through eyelid surgery. With aging, fat may droop near your eye area. If you still have concerns, you should consult with a surgeon who has had extensive experiences. Best of luck!

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Will the fat return after Asian double eyelid surgery?

Thank you for asking your question. The fat does not return following Asian blepharoplasty, but additional fat that surrounds the eyes begins to fall again after 10 years. See a very experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon who treats many Asian patients for consultation in person. The biggest concern is not to take off too much skin or fat.
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What? Will your fat return? No

No, your fat won't return Asian eyelid surgery.  If fact be careful you don't take too much.

Chase Lay, MD

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