What Are the Signs of Wound Healing?

i had my TT and i have 2 openings in my incision (holes) i was wondering what are the signs that the wound is healing? does it heal from the inside out? or will the skin just tie itself back together? i noticed some white spots around and a little inside the wound..does that mean its healing? im already on antibiotics. thanks

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Wound Healing

It’s not unusual for patients to have small areas of wound separation following abdominoplasty surgery.When this occurs wounds heal by a process known as secondary intention.
These wounds form a layer of granulation tissue which covers the base of the wound.Granulation tissue slowly grows and decreases the size of the wound.Once this occurs, new skin forms around the margins of the wound and migrates in an inward direction eventually closing the wound.While this is occurring, the wound is pulling its edges together to ultimately decrease the size of the scar.
Occasionally, patients may need a scar revision once the wound healing is complete, but this is uncommon.Even when wounds breakdown and patients undergo a prolonged period of wound healing, they still report high satisfaction rates following abdominoplasty.

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Delayed healing after a tummy tuck

At times, a wound will open a small hole .  Usually this is to let some fluid (blood, liquid fat, or pus) out.  The wound will then heal spontaneously.  If a stich is in the gap, it needs to be removed.  Please check again and frequently with your surgeon.  The incision heals very nicely from the inside out.

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Delayed healing after tummy tuck

Tummy tuck will most often heal without delays, though sometimes sutures may work through and cause open areas, or you may have risk factors such as smoking, or managed diabetes. When an open area occurs, you should keep the area clean with daily soap and water cleaning, and cover the areas with a light dressing and a small amount of antibiotic ointment. The open spots will close in side to side. Keep in touch with your surgeon so any infection can be treated promptly.

Best of luck,


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Delayed wound healing

If you have delayed wound healing issues the wound will heal from inside out and from the sides.  Speak to your surgeon about how he wants you to care for it.

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What Are the Signs of Wound Healing?

Best to have posted a photo. Very hard to advise so I recommend you see your operative surgeon. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl j. Blinski

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Healing is shown by what doesn't happen....

A healing wound just looks like a cut line with minimal gaps in the normal colored skin, no redness, no really hard areas, no pus and no blisters and no black areas. You should not have a fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit. A hole is not normal healing. Small gaps can occur, perhaps a quarter of an inch long and a fingernail gap apart, about the size of a grain of rice. So long as your doctor knows about  it and you are getting better it will heal up eventually. If this is new and your doctor doesn't know then you should let him know.

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Healing wound

The white spots in your incision may be fibrin and protein clots.  If there is an opening you're going to need to pack the hole with a moist sterile gauze and change it a few times a day.  A PS should take a look at it, preferably the one that did your TT.

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Tummy Tuck healing

Without  examining you it is impossible to say. I would suggest that you contact your plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

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Wound healing after TT

It is hard to say without seeing your photos; I would recommend seeing your operating surgeon for his/her advise.

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Wound Healing

Without pictures or seeing you in person, it is very difficult to give you any advice or recommendations.  However, basic signs of wound healing are contraction of the tissue (moving together), decreased induration (swelling/reaction), absence of infection (odor/discharge/warmth), improved appearance, etc.  If you have any concerns, you should see your surgeon for evaluation.


Good Luck.

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