Can severe dysplastic Nevus turn into Melanoma after a year not being treated properly?

I have had melinoma insitu 4 years ago and also have regular skin checks every 6 month with recurrent severe and moderate dysplastic Nevis. At a recent check up I was told that I had a severe dysplastic Nevis on a shave biopsy that was done over a year ago.. I needed to have the borders removed and this wasn't done. It has been done now but I'm completed scared and wonder how could this have happened. Do this spots change rapidly and would there be a sign that it was growing?

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Severe Dysplastic Nevi

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Dysplastic Nevi and graded by severity.  It may take a severely dysplastic nevi years to change.  No one has done a study answering that question.  Please consult with a board certified dermatologist with a lot of experience in skin cancer and continue your monitoring.

Do severe dysplastic nevus turn into melanoma

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I don't know how this could have happened either. If you had the biopsy done over a year ago, you then went back again in between there and no one told you anything? That is not a good sign of medical care, quite frankly. If the borders of your site were excised and sent to a lab, hopefully, they have been shown as having clear margins. Severe dysplastic nevus need to be resolved, but they are different than melanoma. But really, I think I might be looking for a new office if I were you. Some one is not on top of what's happening there and getting proper follow-up scheduled for patients.

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