Severe Diastasis Recti Repair with Vertical Incision and Mesh Also Repair of Ventral Hernia? (photo)

I have a severe diastasis recti and small ventral hernia and have seen a general surgeon who would like to repair this with mesh and a vertical incision . I am wondering what this would do to the shape of my abdomen ?

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Fleur-de Lis may be your best option

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It is difficult to tell from your photos exactly how much of your abdominal protuberance is from diastasis rectus and how much is being contributed by your ventral hernia. Either way, you should have both corrected for an optional contour. Further, you will likely need vertical and horizontal incisions in a Fleur-de-Lis pattern.

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Severe Diastasis Recti with Ventral hernia

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Thanks for posting your questions along with the photos.  Your ultimate abdominal shape will be determined by the degree of underlying diastasis, your weight, and whether or not you are having any skin resected.  The diastasis and hernia repair should move your rectus muscles back into the midline and get rid of the upper abdominal bulge that you have.  However, the key component is your weight.  If you are obese (bmi >30), you will see a modest improvement in your contour, but overall, you will probably retain much of the protuberant shape.  If you are closer to normal weight, you will see a profound improvement, particularly if you get rid of the lower abdominal skin excess.  You can see if your GS will do this operation with a PS so that you can approach this via an abdominoplasty incision to hide the scar in your underwear line.  Good luck with your surgery.

Diastasis Recti Repair with Vertical Incision and Mesh Also Repair of Ventral Hernia

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It is hard to answer your question without more info--like height and weight. You certainly would have some improvement, but with a vertical scar that is hard to conceal. The vertical skin excess would not be addressed, so the skin overhang will persist. 

Most plastic surgeons would favor a lower abdominal incision and would do this procedure along with a tummy tuck to trim the excess skin. The diastasis would be repaired, the hernia would be repaired (often by a second surgeon, a general surgeon), and the excess skin would be removed. 

By either approach the outcome would be better if you are close  to your ideal weight, and that I can't tell from these photos.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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i would recommend that you see a plastic surgeon who can do both the hernia and the diastasis repair with the tummy tuck .

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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