Are Severe Abdominal Cramps Normal After Abdominoplasty?

I had an abdominoplasty 4 months ago. I was shaving my legs and I had a cramping pain on the RLQ of my abd. I looked down cause it was so painful and the whole right side of my stomach was caved in and pushed to the left side. It lasted for a couple of seconds and then completely went away. I really dont think this is normal ????

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Are Severe Abdominal Cramps Normal After #Abdominoplasty? ANS:

I do see a number of patients that have cramps long after surgery. In most cases they seem to be gone by 6 months but I have had some persist for much monger...While we don't know the exact reason, your muscles are tighter now and probably are a bit more prone to cramping as they are contracted or stretched! But the usually go away by themselves...

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Abdominal cramps after abdominoplasty

The rectus abdominis muscles are often thighten as part of an abdominoplasty.  This procedure can cause the muscles to cramp after the surgery.  Cramps are frequently described by my patients and are part of the healing process.  If your cramps persist I encourage you to consult your surgeon.

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Pain 4 months after TT

It is unlikely the pain your experience was due to your tummy tuck 4 months ago.  If this is something recurring, it warrants medical attention.  Please start with your PS or primary care physician.  

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Severe Abdominal Cramp After Abdominoplasty

Sounds like a classic description of a muscle cramp. Normal, I can't say, but it is not rare. If these persist (sounds like it only happened once) a call to your surgeon is in order. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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