What Can Happen if I Still Have a Stitch on my Abdomen, After a Year?

I had gallbladder removal last year.On one of my appointments I mentioned to my dr. that the incision above my navel felt like I still had stitches in place.He pulled at the stitches, and clipped a little of it off.Weeks later, the spot began feeling itchy and painful,he then told me to just pull on the stitch if it was bothersome and that I could clip it myself.Upon pulling on the stitch, it stretched out of my abdomen about an inch long, and bounced back in. It's been in me since, now painful.

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Stitch on my Abdomen, After a Year

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Most dissolving sutures would have dissolved, so this is most likely a permanent suture. Once it presents to the surface, unless it is removed it is likely to be a continuing source of problems. 

Your surgeon should be able to get it out with the help of some local anesthetic.

Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Suture Extrusion

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Most sutures that are placed under the skin are made of absorbable material that is broken down by the body. Occasionally, this process can lead to sutures coming to the surface and cause redness, tenderness, and even look like a "whitehead." Once the suture material is removed, this quickly resolves. Based on your description, the suture knot is probably still under the skin. I suggest that you see your surgeon who can address this for you.


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Usually most practice use internal sutures that are absorb by our body. If it continues to come out and something your PS needs to do, make a follow up apt.


Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

See your surgeon for a suture after tummy tuck

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It is nice to think that you can just clip a suture on your own after tummy tuck, however to prevent suture spitting and infection, it is best to trust such things to your surgeon.

Stitch in place after one year

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Sutures can be pesky and sometimes they can "spit" or extrude years after a procedure. Depending on the type of stitch you had (most are absorbable, some are not) this is not uncommon. The problem occurs if the stitch becomes irritated or infected.  If you are having redness or pain, you should go see your surgeon again to check it out. You may need to have it removed.  Good luck.

Erez Sternberg, MD
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon
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