Lump Along Sides of Septum After Septoplasty

I have what feels like a continuous lump running along both sides of my septum, near the bridge of my nose but nowehere near the incision. On the opposite side, the new obstruction is now worse than my original deviation. It feels like something was pushed up after Septoplasty and hasn't come down again. My nose was very tightly packed after surgery. I still get tingling, an itchy tip, and my nose aches sometimes so I can't wear glasses. I'm hoping all this just means it's healing nicely.

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Cartilage lumps after septoplasty

The ridge of cartilage may be normal or aberrant cartilage.  The most prudent advice is to speak with your surgeon about the results and your concerns.  You will find the answers reassuring.

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Ridges Inside Of Your Nose Are Normal

If you are unhappy with your previous surgery, I would speak with your surgeon. Certain bumps and valleys are normal on the inside of the nose. Swelling can persist for some time after any nasal surgery and can contribute to your complaints. I would talk with your surgeon about what you feel on the inside of your nose and your current breathing problems.

D.J. Verret, MD
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Lumpy septum after Septoplasty.

The lumps may not be your septum but naturally found fleshy swellings inside your nose. They are at the outer sides of the nostril while the septum is in the middle. They are called turbinates.

Oakley Smith, MD, FRCSC
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Lumps on side of the septum

I assume you are feeling the septum which is in the center of the nose. If you are feeling the side walls of the nose, then those bumps are not septum but turbinates. That is a completely different issue. For those you could use nasal steroid sprays and they will shrink.

If indeed you have palpable lumps along the septum, that indicates scar tissue and you might need another surgery or some steroid injections to reduce the scarring.


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The most likely cause of this is normal post operative swelling. I am sure your surgeon would like to see you for follow-up at which point he or she can advise you on the status of your healing. I would recommend that you see you surgeon for post-op appointments to make sure things are healing appropriately.

Amir M. Karam, MD
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