Will Septoplasty Change the Appearance of my Nose? (photo)

My profile picture is various angles of my nose. I am considering getting the surgery because of my frequent sinus infections and difficulty breathing, but I was wondering if it will straighten my nose as well when I have the surgery? My nose is definitely misshapen, so will the surgery correct that? Please use my nose pictures as reference.

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Septoplasty will not change appearance of nose

A septoplasty will not change the shape of the nose since it is done on the internal portion of the nose. The basal view of the nose will be improved if there is acaudal deviation this will be improved. This is usually due to a septal fracture. A septoplasty is performed to improve airflow dynamics through the nose.  A septoplasty will not improve sinus infections, instead sinus surgery must be performed to remove polyps and obstructive sinus drainage.

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Septoplasty versus Septorhinoplasty


Dear Madi Smyth,

Generally a septoplasty does not change the appearance of the nose. In some occasions some straightening will be achieved by the procedure however if you want to address your nasal tip and other aesthetic changes then a septorhinoplasty should be discussed with your surgeon. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Will Septoplasty Change the Appearance of my Nose?

 No, a Septoplasty is performed to reduce a bent section of septal cartilage that is causing nasal obstruction inside the nose.  This, without adding a Rhinoplasty (Septo-Rhinoplasty) would not address the wide nasal tip or other aesthetic external nasal features.  Hope this helps.

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Septoplasty vs septorhinoplasty

A standard septoplasty will help open your airway but will not (in general) change the shape of your nose. An open approach like one used for septorhinoplasty can be used to straighten your nose.


A septorhino doesn't have to be cosmetic. So all to your doctor and determine if a more significant procedure is right for you 

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Effect of septoplasty on nasal appearance

The deviation of your septum is certainly causing deviation of your nasal dorsum (bridge of your nose) and to a lesser extent your tip.  However, the portion of the septum that is giving you difficulty breathing can be straightened without straightening these areas of your nose.  This means that your breathing could be improved without altering the appearance of your nose at all.

If the appearance of your nose is a concern to you, then a septorhinoplasty would be the appropriate surgery.  

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