Nose Still Blocked Nearly 3 Months Post Op Septoplasty and Turbine Reduction?

Hi, I had a septoplasty at the end of August this year, The issue im having is, before my op my right nostril was blocked due to a deviated septum, After the op, blockage is still there but redcued, but recently my left nostril is completely blocked. I've tried using my rinse and i've tried my decongestion spray but neither work, it just feels like i need to blow something huge out. could my nose deviate to the other side? or could this just be a lot of 'gunk' that will move in time.

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Obstruction after septoplasty could be swelling or structural

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By 3 months post-op, the surgical swelling should be resolved inside the nose.  It is possible that another cause of swelling, such as allergic rhinitis (nasal allergies) could play a role.  If you are experience sneezing, and itchy sensation in the nose, or nasal discharge, these could be signs of allergy.  If your left side was open initially after surgery and only recently has become blocked, I think an inflammatory (swelling) issue is causing the problem. If it was blocked immediately after surgery, it could be a structural issue, possibly related to the surgery itself.  You should address these issues with your surgeon who should be able to guide you.

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Nasal obstruction after septoplasty

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I like your username Septoman.  By 3 months, your septum and turbinates should be nearly healed.  If you have residual nasal obstruction, it could be a result of any of the factors you mentioned, including: deviation, recurrent turbinate hypertrophy, crusting, or another structural change that is obstructing your breathing.  Without examining your nose determining the reason is guess-work, so it's best to touch base with your surgeon.  Once you know the cause, the appropriate treatment can be initiated.  

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