Is Ultherapy a good choice for me? I'm 57 and have complicated history due to peroda gland removal 25 years ago.

My peroda gland was removed in 1992. It was a delicate surgery around my facial nerve. I recovered, but have a slight tick in my upper right lip. In 2005 I had a lower face lift with nothing done to my neck. The drain near my peroda surgery scar behind my right ear had to be left in five days. After it was removed, a bubble of blood formed near the drain site and burst in the shower a week after surgery (Old blood, but scary). I'm 57 now, and have slight jowls I hate, but am scared of surgery.

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Ultherapy after parotidectomy

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Given that your facial nerve is likely sitting right under the skin, it is vulnerable to injury from the energy generated by Ultherapy. No knowledgeable and thoughtful doctor would agree to treat you with ultherapy given your history due to significant increase in risk. 

Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

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You are a good candidate for a combination of non invasive options however, also a candidate for surgery.  I suggest you see an expert for an evaluation and treatment options.  Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Ultherapy and fillers

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As long as the Ultherpay is avoided in the region of the parotid, the jowls and neck may be treated safely.  You also would be able to get additional improvement with injectable fillers.

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Ultherapy not a good choice

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Ultherapy should not be performed over superficially lying facial nerve branches due to the risk of nerve injury from excessive heat created by the device.  Secondary facelift surgery in the hands of a skilled and experienced facial plastic surgeon will give you the desired outcome you are looking for with no significant increased risk of facial nerve injury, even in light of your past parotidectomy.  I have performed numerous facelifts in patients with your history with no injury to the facial nerve.  Consult an experienced facial plastic surgeon to discuss your best option.

Mark Petroff, MD
Lake Oswego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Ultherapy for jowling

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Yes Ultherapy is a great option for you to help lift and tighten the cheeks and thereby lift the jowls. It can also be done for the neck to help tighten your profile. I also recommend not overlooking your mid face and cheek area, where it appears in limited views that you need some volume replaced there - which everyone does. I'd recommend sculptra or voluma for that.  You should have a nice result. Good luck!

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