I'm a size 0 in jeans. What's the largest CC recommended for butt implants? (Photo)

I'm about 125 lbs, size 0 in jeans & 5"2. i know there is not enough fat for me to get my desirable butt with the BBL so im looking into implants. My butt is very flat to the point wear belts wont even hold up my pants. i find it unflattering and im eager to have a booty!

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Butt implant size and fat grafting

Butt implant selection is based on your buttocks cheek diameter dimensions as well as amount of skin redundancy; The little fat over the lower back and flanks as well as thighs should also be used to fill out your lateral buttocks and hip region. Please see link below to read more about implant selection.

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Buttock implants

If you were my patient, I would recommend an AART style 3 size 2 implant.  This will create a natural looking buttock that is perky and round and perfect for your size.  Be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in buttock augmentation and has a large photo gallery and patient testimonials. 

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Buttocks implants`

Hi and thanks for your inquiry. It is really important to let you know we have to follow some limits in your body regarding to the base of the implant which is related to the volume. So it is difficult to tell you which size is for you, you need an in person examination to take these measures. Undoubtedly liposuction in the lower back with fat transfer is the best to get great results. Be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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I'm a size 0 in jeans. What's the largest CC recommended for butt implants?

That's a wonderful question. Most patients are great candidates for either buttock implants, buttock fat grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL), or a combination of both. If fat volumes are very limited, it is possible to utilize a combination of gluteal implants, with fat grafting to the hips. You need to definitely see a plastic surgeon who is extremely comfortable with all forms of implants and grafting techniques to assure you are given all the options available to you.

The demand and popularity for buttock enhancement procedures in my practice is extremely common.  It’s allowed me to perfect my technique over the years so that I produce safe, reliable and long-lasting results that will age well with my patients whether it’s using fat only, gummy bear butt implants only, or both.  In the end, it’s important to choose whatever means necessary to achieve your desired goals for size, but more importantly shape!  So I would focus less on CC's, and focus more on the look. You'll discover the size and shape are rarely tied to CC's only.

My patients generally seek to have a perky or curvaceous butt that is shapely, whether they are full-figured and voluptuous or shredded fitness types, and everything in the middle.  If you were gifted with a flat or shapeless butt or acquired it over the years, consider a consultation with a plastic surgeon who does all 3 major types of enhancements to understand all your options. Generally speaking, smaller frames with limited excess fat can utilize a combination approach nicely with gummy bear butt implants and fat grafting for an improved silhouette.

It’s important to understand that the terms relating to buttock enhancement are not as important as what your specifically tailored plan entails. Often the words Buttock Augmentation, Butt Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttock Fat Grafting, Buttock Reshaping and so on are used interchangeably.  Get a consultation so that you can best understand what will help you achieve a sexier you. Good Luck!

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Buttock implant sizing

In short, a combination of sculpting your waistline with liposuction and augmenting your buttock with implants provides the best chance for a long lasting "hour-glass" figure. Please read on for more surgical details:

 Regarding buttock augmentation, let me start off by saying that I currently see at least 2 - 3 patients per week, from around the world, that failed "brazilian buttock lift" (i.e. the fat melted away after 10 - 12 months) and are now seeking a more reliable and permanent option (i.e. buttock implants). 

One of the most important factors in creating the perfect derriere with implants is indeed selecting the right size AND shape. I have found the best way to assure this is to simply measure the actual dimensions of the patient’s buttock cheeks. With these anatomical measurements, I can select an implant that not only significantly augments the buttock but also supplies the correct 3-dimensional enhancement to look as real as possible...even in the most petite patients. Traditionally, teardrop oval implants have a 30+% risk of rotation and thus unnaturally change the buttock shape/appearance when doing so.  However, one year ago I created and patented a new "Stanton Anatomic" shaped implant that avoids this issue - not a single rotation problem in 200+ patients. The benefit of this is the fact that ~80% of women patients have more of an oval shaped buttock cheek than round, thus creating a much more natural and harmonious buttock contour. Thus, the only way for you to know what implant works best is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in this procedure and have him/her take your measurements before selecting an implant and proceeding with surgery. 
The largest stock buttock implant currently available in the USA is a 750cc round implant. For the implant brand i prefer and my Stanton Anatomic Oval implants, the largest is 600cc. Indeed custom implants can be ordered larger, not only at a premium price but at a premium risk for most patients'. Unlike breast implants which are placed under the very expandable tissue of the breast and half of the pectoral major muscle, buttock implants should only be placed under or at least within the largest strongest muscle of the body, the gluteus maximus muscle, which is not nearly as expandable or forgiving. Thus most patients simply do not have a large enough native buttock muscle to fit an implant much over 500 ccs', without leading to significant complication such as wound breakdown/opening &/or implant exposure...necessitating removal. If a patient wants larger implants, 9-12 months after the initial implants have settled in to place and the muscle relaxed/stretched, then a second operation can be performed to replace them (similar to the process of going bigger with breast implants).   Glad to help. 

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